Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for X-ray

Do you have any idea how hard it is to teach the concept of the letter "X" to preschoolers? "B" - easy - balloon, banana, band-aid, blast-off. "Q" - a little more work, but quack, quilt, quail, quarter.

"X"? Well, it doesn't BEGIN very many words, but it's, umm, a very USEFUL letter. Sooo, x-ray. Xylophone, but that doesn't make the "x" SOUND. X-ray....

Sure, you can talk about EX words. Or words that END with "x". Go ahead. Talk about those with 4 and 5 year olds. I'll wait....

Back to x-ray, aren't we? 

I'm lucky enough to have a couple of x-rays to show the kids. Many of them have been to the dentist and had their teeth x-rayed. And that pretty much sums up "x".

Not anymore.

My friend Kristi at Thankful Me came through for me BIG TIME with this pin:

Found on teachpreschool.org

Note: my friend Ivy at Uncharted also sent me a pin to use with "x". I chose based on availability of supplies.

Speaking of supplies, here's the list: two paper towels per child (the half sheet ones are perfect), Elmer's glue, black liquid watercolors, eye dropper (I used a pipette). 

Trace the child's hand and arm on one of the paper towels.

I just used a plain ol' Sharpie to trace the hand.

Using the Elmer's glue, draw "bones" on the hands and arm.

Squeezing on the glue.

Fold the second half of the paper towel over the first and press gently all over. You will see the glue spreading, and yes, some of it will seep through the paper towel, but I promise it's not that messy.

Pressing the two halves of the paper towel together, glue in between.

Pour a little liquid watercolor in a cup and add some water (I probably used about 3 parts water to 1 part liquid watercolor).

Use the pipette to drip the black paint all over the paper towel. The "bones" will start to show through, but the paint won't stick to it.

You can see the glue showing through and the outline of the hand.

This was the fun part.

Learning to fill the pipette was also fun.

And done. 

Ta daaaaaa! An x-ray!

The liquid watercolor continued to soak into the paper towel
and spread until the whole thing was black.

 I LOVE this! 



  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I will be showing this to all the preschool teachers I know!

    1. It was cool and so easy! And it looked even better after the paper towel dried, especially when you flipped it over.

  2. it looks great - did the kids have fun :)

    1. I only tried it out on two girls, and they thought it was fun!

  3. Apparently I'm so eXcited I needed to post my comment twice! :-)

  4. This is so neat! Nice job!

  5. So cool!! I think I want to pretend I'm a kid and make one, too!