Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Useful: A Six Sentence Story

"Can you tell the jury what your job description was," the judge asked, turning to the defendant.

In a small voice, the defendant replied, "To be useful."

"And can you state with certainty that you were, indeed, useful?" asked the judge.

A tear escaped and trickled down as the defendant replied, "I was, I was useful as long as I could be, and then, and then, I-I just wasn't needed anymore...."

There was a murmur in the courtroom as the judge brought his gavel down, calling out, "The court finds you useless; case dismissed!"

The slide projector slid off the chair and trudged slowly out of the courtroom, his power cord dragging sadly behind him, and he could only nod, his tear filled eyes lowered, as he passed the telephone booth that lumbered past him and settled with a groan onto the witness stand.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Win A Few, Lose A Few

I've been working for HOURS trying to edit a video I wanted to post, and I've nearly let the weekend get away from me, but HERE I AAAAM!!! Welcome to Ten Things of Thankful!

1. I've been working on losing a little weight since the middle of June, and I'm now able to wear clothes that I have shoved to the back of the closet because they didn't fit. Happy dance!

2. Cheers for unseasonably cool weather this week! We were even able to open our windows a few nights and enjoy the breeze. That's all over now; temps back in the upper 90s with heat index over 100, but it was great while it lasted.

3. If you read my Six Sentence Story this week, you will know that I am thankful for thoughtful friends.

4. And drape flavored propel packets (not falling for naming the flavor again and causing a shortage).

5. I am thankful I'm not tired of oatmeal, since I've eaten it nearly every morning for breakfast for the past two months and expect the trend to continue for another couple of months or until I start to look like the Quaker Oats man.

6. My husband and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary on Friday. This is my favorite photo from our wedding day, and it pretty much sums up our life:

7. I found my missing American Express card today, and I can't BEGIN to tell you how grateful I am about that! (Shhh! Don't tell my husband it was missing!) I was pretty sure it wasn't LOST lost, but since the whole Covid debacle, I don't take my purse into a store and just put a card in my pocket to use when I check out, and it's not a bit unusual for me to forget it's in my pocket and have to fish it out of the dirty clothes basket. This time, I found it in a pocket in my purse THAT I HAD PREVIOUSLY CHECKED (and if you feel as though you've heard this story before, only with a checkbook, you might be right). ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL.

8. On that note, I found the plastic fork that I dropped while eating coleslaw in the car in a parking lot in Tulsa on the way to visit my son and his fiance in Oklahoma City. Had to finish my coleslaw with my fingers. I found the fork (coleslaw had disintegrated, thank GOD) when I dropped my debit card between the driver's seat and the console and couldn't reach it without getting out of the car, opening the door to the back seat, and feeling around under the driver's seat for the card, WHICH I FOUND. Bonus: I also found a quarter, a $5 bill, and the sunglasses clips I lost last summer.

9. Here's a fun little story: I was sitting on a milk crate at school (and note that it wasn't a REAL milk crate, which is very sturdy, but a flimsy, FAKE milk crate for storage of very not heavy things) that had a pad that sat on top of it and rested on a little lip that ran around the inside of the crate (see photo, below). I was holding a child on my lap and helping another one put on dress up clothes, and the next thing I knew, my ass was INSIDE the crate. The pad had slipped off that little lip and dumped me. This wouldn't have been so bad IF I weren't (a) wearing a skirt and (b) sitting directly in the line of sight of a male student worker. So he got a horrific free peep show of my underpants when my legs went straight up in the air. He's probably suffering from PTSD from the ordeal, but at least he didn't act like anything happened at the time, and I am grateful for that.

And yes, for those of you keeping track, something similar DID happen to me once before, when I broke a chair a la Goldilocks at the preschool where I used to work. My only witness was my assistant teacher Melissa and I wasn't wearing a skirt, but I am aware of the parallels.

10. And finally, the video that I have spent entirely too long trying to edit. I wanted to blur the little bit of little faces that showed in the video, but I couldn't get it to work. So, no, you're not losing your eyesight; my only option was to blur the whole video, but I had to share this. Our playground has large rhythm instruments in one corner, and my little nugs were making a joyful noise on them and having a wonderful time. I love what I do, and I am thankful I can share this sliver of a day with you:

Find your thankfuls in every day life. They are there, I promise!

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Random: A Six Sentence Story

Earlier this summer, I posted in a Ten Things of Thankful link up that I was thankful for Propel fitness water powder packets, preferably grape, which seems to have caused a rush on grape Propel packets, and I can no longer order them from Amazon or find them in the grocery store. I have been greatly saddened by this, so I have had to temporarily change flavors, and I can't tell you the name of the one I changed to, because obviously, then THAT one wouldn't be available anymore, either; in a subsequent TToT post, I referred to the substitute flavor as peewee flawberry, so as not to alert the media or the black market that I had had a switch.

Fast forward to last week, when I received a text from my dear blogging friend Lydia telling me to be on the lookout for a little surprise that she had just mailed; Monday, it arrived, and I eagerly tore into it to find not one, not two, not three, but FOUR boxes of grape Propel fitness water powder packets, and I squealed with delight! She said it wasn't easy for her to get it, either, and two previous orders she had tried to make were canceled - I wasn't kidding about grape Propel being a hot commodity!

Yesterday when I came home from work, there was a package on the kitchen counter for me, and puzzled, I tore into it to find a sweet card and note from my longtime friend Pam AND A BOX OF GRAPE PROPEL FITNESS WATER POWDER PACKETS; she happened to find some in the grocery store and picked up a box for me - my heart!

How utterly and completely random it was that two friends, on two different coasts and who did not conspire because they don't even know each other, would read that tiny little thankful in my tiny little blog and make my heart soar so (note: I'm also having a terrible time finding $100 bills, so if anyone wants to help a girl out with that...).

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Oh, Deer! It's Ten Things of Thankful!

I completely missed the Ten Things of Thankful last weekend, and I'm not sure how I did it, but what's done is done.

This week, I had plans to write a Six Sentence Story and to get my TToT written on Friday night, but none of that happened. Instead, I was exhausted by a week of professional development and preparation of my classroom for the start of the new school year (we go year 'round, but we operate on a traditional school calendar, since we are affiliated with a university). My daughter came home for a couple of days, and what little time I had once I got home from work was spent with her.

My husband and I went to the lake house for the weekend, and it was relaxing and laid back, and the weather got delightfully and unseasonably cool Saturday night, so we sat around the fire pit and toasted marshmallows (many, many marshmallows), but it was over as fast as it started.

My daddy likes his burnt. Me, not so much.

We were on our two-hour trip back home (I was driving) and listening to a podcast when from out of nowhere, a deer ran out of a field and into the driver's side of the car (in broad daylight, I might add). It happened so fast, I didn't even have time to react other than to burst into tears because I hurt a deer. My husband soothed me, telling me even if the deer had run in front of the car instead of into the side of it, I wouldn't have been able to stop, and since I saw the deer get up from the pavement and run on across the road and into another field, he didn't think it was badly injured.The important thing, he said, was that WE weren't injured, and the car didn't seem to be too worse for the wear (slight dent and the bumper was knocked loose but not enough that it's in danger of falling off). 

We got home to an upstairs air conditioner that isn't working and ants in the kitchen. The ants got into the cats' dry food (make that the cats' VERY EXPENSIVE, PRESCRIPTION dry food), and once again, I wanted to burst into tears. Tomorrow is open house and my classroom is still a wreck. I don't have my letter to my parents ready yet, nor have I completed my potty training protocol, our class schedule, or the getting to know you questionnaire. Perhaps to show his displeasure at having to stay home with the other two cats all weekend instead of going with us to the lake, Lewis bit a hole about midway down a (full) gallon jug of distilled water that my husband uses in his CPAP machine.

I want to feel sorry for myself and eat something bad for me.

Then I remember my friend Sarah, who was in a horrific car accident a month ago and lost her left arm. She lost. her. left. arm. 

Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Count your thankfuls. 

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