Monday, April 26, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful: The Dumbass Edition

Two weeks ago, I took a weekend off from the TToT for my son's wedding. COULD I have written a post that weekend? Well, sure, but I didn't need the pressure to get one written on such a busy weekend.

Fast forward to last weekend. I spent it doing piddly things around the house and running errands, and the next thing I knew, IT WAS TUESDAY AND I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN TO WRITE MY POST. What kind of dumbass forgets to write a post for a weekly blog that has been part of her blog life since the inception of the TToT? THIS GIRL, that's who.

And now it's Monday, nearly 9:30 pm, and the DAMN CLOCK IS TICKING LIKE A BUNNY'S HEARTBEAT, so here's my quickly thrown together but nonetheless heartfelt two weeks' worth of Ten Things of Thankful:

Let's start with the wedding. It was beautiful. Beyond beautiful, actually. It was a pure delight to see the two of them so much in love and ready to start their lifelong journey together. I couldn't be happier.

Lillian and Kyle

With my boy. He makes me feel short.

My dad and daughter.

With my husband. Kind of wish I 
had noticed I had my mask hanging
around my neck.

With my dad and brother. Why am
I standing so awkwardly?

I have new family members! We so enjoyed getting to know Lillian's family! The combination of Covid and distance had kept us from meeting until wedding weekend, but we are looking forward to family get-togethers in the future.

My sister in law Kristin gave me and my daughter bracelets that she and HER daughter had as well. They say "Badass" in Morse Code and I'm in love.

Could be upside down. What do I know
about Morse Code?

While we were in Oklahoma City for the wedding, we stayed in a lovely Airbnb. I love staying in them! They are so much more comfortable than a hotel room. We had a three bedroom house with plenty of room for the four of us (my husband, me, my dad and my daughter), a fully equipped kitchen, and (most importantly) two bathrooms. 

I took three days off from work for the wedding (haven't taken more than a day at a time, here or there, since I started a year and a half ago). When I returned to work, I was told by every student worker that had been in my room plus my aide that I could never be gone again. I guess my little nugs were quite a handful. Not exactly sure how this is a thankful, because I'm NOT thankful that they can't behave themselves when I'm not there, but I guess I AM thankful to know that I am much needed.

We had a freak snow last week. In the middle of April. When the lilacs and irises were in bloom and the trees were mostly leafed out and the tulips were already fading and the daffodils were long gone. As soon as the snow began to fall, I got coats on my kiddos and out we went! We caught snowflakes on our tongues while singing the Barney song, "If All The Snowflakes Were Candy Bars And Milkshakes." A couple of hours later, when it snowed harder, with giant, wet snowflakes and the ground lightly covered, we went out again for an encore performance. It was fun while it lasted, but this week, we are happily back in our shorts!

We are precious!

It's important as a preschool teacher to remember that you have to be flexible with little humans. When a teachable moment comes up, such as snow falling, or when you have TOTALLY lost their interest in an activity, it's okay to drop what you had planned and change course. I am thankful for not letting opportunities pass for the sake of following a schedule or lesson plan.

"Lesson plan" is kind of a joke. I mostly fly by the seat of my pants, but I teach two and three year olds, after all, and our objectives are painted with a broad brush. Could I make more money if I taught elementary school and had REAL lesson plans? Definitely. Would I be happier? Absolutely not. I love my job and my nugs.

This past weekend, I took two of my work friends to the lake house. I am grateful to my dad for staying at his other house and letting us have our girls weekend. We ate entirely too much and talked and laughed more than I thought possible. We also squeezed in some shopping, plus sat around the table and played games.

I am thankful the Ten Things of Thankful continues in spite of my failings as a hostess (fyi - if you type "hostess" too quickly and too poorly, you can end up with "hottest" and spellcheck won't catch it). Invite a blog friend to join us next week!

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Batter Up!

Rounding the bases, trying to make it home before the ball reaches the plate. Will. I. Make. It?

Here are my Ten Things of Thankful for this week:

Open windows and a light breeze.

NCAA basketball tournament.


That Peep season is now over before I turn into one.

Air fryers (never thought I'd say that).

Automatic ice makers.

Stand-up comedy.

The smell of fresh cut grass.

Pizza bagel day at school.

Flip flops.

Sliding into home plate -- aaaaaaand SAFE!

You've still got four hours to join the Ten Things of Thankful hop! Suit up and get on deck. You're up to bat.

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