Monday, April 5, 2021

Batter Up!

Rounding the bases, trying to make it home before the ball reaches the plate. Will. I. Make. It?

Here are my Ten Things of Thankful for this week:

Open windows and a light breeze.

NCAA basketball tournament.


That Peep season is now over before I turn into one.

Air fryers (never thought I'd say that).

Automatic ice makers.

Stand-up comedy.

The smell of fresh cut grass.

Pizza bagel day at school.

Flip flops.

Sliding into home plate -- aaaaaaand SAFE!

You've still got four hours to join the Ten Things of Thankful hop! Suit up and get on deck. You're up to bat.

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  1. I agree. There were so amazing plays being made in the NCAA basketball tournament.
    There are some candies associated with holidays that either I never liked or gorged myself on them when I was very little and was repelled by the thought of ever eating them again. That is how I feel about Peeps. I know kind of crazy, huh.
    Now the smell of freshly cut grass, I have never tired of that smell!

    1. We saw some pretty amazing games in this year's tournament (and we aren't huge fans, just enjoy watching).
      I can't eat Bugles because of overindulging on them once as a kid.
      I feel sorry for city people who never know the smell of freshly cut grass!

  2. I've never tried an air fryer but have heard such great things about them. I might have to put that on my list.

    Peeps are addictive although it's the Cadbury eggs I have to avoid. I can eat way too many in one sitting.

    Weekends In Maine