Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Week That Didn't End Entirely Well


The week has ended with a literal bang. My husband and I were leaving Kansas City after spending the weekend with our daughter when we were rear-ended. 

My poor car!

1. No one was hurt, which is certainly a thankful. 

2. The airbags didn't deploy, which is another thankful. 

3. We always wear seatbelts, or we wouldn't have had the first thankful in this list.

4. We were on our way to eat at a little joint that was going to be the topic of one of my A to Z Challenge posts this month. My slant has now changed, but I can still get a post out of it!

5. Beautiful weather for the weekend, and my daughter and I took another long walk on the grounds of the Nelson and got to watch more high schoolers take prom photos.

6. I attended Community Christian Church in person two weeks in a row!

7. My husband and I enjoyed dinner with my brother and sister in law at Jack Stack BBQ (because when in Rome...). Never mind that I wore two different earrings and my necklace was made with blue beads when I thought they were black to match my black outfit, but that's what happens when you dress for work while it's still dark outside.

Brisket sammich

I've got another pair JUST LIKE IT at home

8. Kansas City currently has a Parade of Hearts, which is an art experience where 5 foot hearts were fabricated and given to artists to decorate as an homage to KC being America's Heartland. There are 200 of them scattered all over the metro area. It's fun to spy them as you drive around the city (or walk around, which is how I got this photo of one of them located on the grounds of the Kansas City Art Institute):

Lighting was not great

Close-up of the heart. It's made 

9. We found two place settings of Fiestaware in colors we didn't have at a thrift store. Score!

10. We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant on Saturday and had to swerve to avoid a pair of Canada geese in the parking lot. They flew up and landed on the overhang for the front door, and we had to walk UNDER them to get inside. My daughter and I made my husband go first, and as he walked under the overhang, one of them got all aggressive and stretched his neck out and hissed at my husband. If you have never been around geese, you should know that the next step after being hissed at by a goose is being bitten or flogged by it, so my daughter and I ran screaming into the building. Our big thankful is that they were gone by the time we left, but don't think we didn't check thoroughly to make sure first!

The week didn't end like I had hoped, but there were still thankfuls, as always! Hope you had some, too!

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  1. How awful to get rear-ended! As you noted, it could have been so much worse.

    Everyone does the two-color shoes or two different earrings at least once in life, we should all get a pass on that.

    We have so many Canada geese around here, and they do not migrate any longer they stay year 'round, they're chasing off all the other waterfowl. It's good no one got to feel the worst of their wrath.

    1. It was the first time I'd ever been in any kind of car accident, which I guess is a pretty good record.
      I have never done two different colored shoes, but I have done two different shoes of the same color TWICE!
      Our Canada geese don't migrate, either. They just hang around and poop and hiss and pull up grass by the roots.