Sunday, April 24, 2022

So I Bought A Planner And More Thankfuls

The A to Z Challenge is winding down. I'm wearing down. Someone remind me next year that I am not organized enough to cook something and write about it 26 times in a month unless I PROMISE to do it ALL before the actual Challenge begins. Now it's on to this week's Ten Things of Thankful!

1. I bought a planner. That's the first step. Actually using it will be the trick.

2. The week went by quickly.

3. I forgot my purse (how does someone walk out the door and get in the car without noticing they don't have their PURSE?) one morning this week and remembered it when I was only a third of the way to work. I'm thankful I realized it wasn't in the seat next to me as soon as I did, because if I hadn't until I got to work, it would have been so not good, as I'm the one with the key.

4. I was able to turn around, drive home, get the purse, and get to the child development center where I work by 6:46, only one minute late. I even dodged deer on the way through the park and STILL made it. Don't ask how.

5. It is still dark when I get to school every morning (although it's getting lighter and brighter each morning). The door I have to use to enter the locked building is directly under a bird nest, and no matter how much I prepared myself for it, I still jumped out of my skin every morning as the birds inside came flying out just above my head. The bird nest has been, um, relocated. I'm still jumpy as I walk up to the door, but so far, there has not been any new nest construction.

6. After much rain and cold, we finally got decent weather for playing outside. We need our outside tiiiiiiiime!!!

7. We talked about Earth Day this week at preschool, and my sweet little nugs were very engaged! We went outside shortly after we first talked about how we could help keep the Earth happy, and several them spent most of their outside time picking up little bits of paper and pieces of broken toys and throwing them in the trash can.

8. What absolutely made my week was the messages from several parents telling me their child told them all about recycling and reusing and gave their own mini lectures to their families (keep in mind my nugs are 2 and 3 years old). One supervised the placing of items in the recycle bin to make sure they were sorted properly, one looked for items in the recycling that could be reused instead and lectured his parents about turning off the lights, and one has chattered about recycling at home all week. The kids even discussed recycling at lunch on Friday after we played a game of sorting items for recycling or trash. They were debating whether food could be recycled or not (they decided not, I told them if it hadn't touched their mouths it could be reused and eaten another day, hopefully paving the way for them to now eat leftovers at home!). This is proof that what we say and do with our kiddos really does make a difference - make it a positive one!

9. Aleve. Or the generic of Aleve, anyway. 

10. I found a teeny, tiny turtle while on a walk. He made me happy.

Baby red-eared slider. He was pretty 
speedy. Not sure why he was on the
sidewalk (truly just hatched?), but he
was making a beeline in the direction
of the creek and was not amused by
me dropping my debit card next to
him for scale (didn't have a banana)

I TOLD you he was tiny!

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  1. LOL about you dropping your debit card next to the baby turtle for scale and commenting that you didn't have a banana. That reminds me, my husband at one point photographed me (I am only 5ft tall) with a huuuge zucchini in my hand and captioned the photo "zucchini for scale".

    That story about the preschoolers lecturing their parents about recycling and reusing is so wonderful, I loved it too!

    1. I didn't have anything else with me to show the little guy's size! I LOVE your husband's "zucchini for scale" caption on the photo of you! Hilarious!

      Children are little sponges and pick up way more than we realize!

  2. The turtle is lovely!

    I am glad to read about your activities for Earth Day and how they have influenced the children.

    1. Thank you, Romi! That little turtle was just too cute!

  3. Dyanne, you are such a fantastic teacher for your little nugs. You make everything so much fun for them and then they go home pay it forward.😊
    The outside time is not only necessary for the preschoolers, it is just as necessary and welcomed by the teachers and teacher helpers.