Sunday, April 28, 2024

Heartfelt Thankfuls

Quick Ten Things on this stormy Sunday evening:

I found this little heart in my bag of peanut M&Ms.

The severe storms that have plagued our area for the past few days only delivered rain to us and no tornado activity.

My friend Nikki and I got up EARLY Saturday morning to go to a warehouse sale of our very favorite accessories, Erimish bracelets. We both wear them every day, so it only makes sense to buy them on sale when we can!

I was "helping" Nikki make a decision between two bracelet sets by using Conscious Discipline on her when I heard my name and looked up to see the mom of one of my preschoolers, along with her daughter. The mom was laughing, as she not only recognized my voice, but she recognized the CD language I was using, because her daughter uses it at home, too! Double thankful here!

My husband and I stopped by an estate auction on Saturday and had an awful lot of fun. We hadn't been to one in several years, and we had never been to one without my dad with us. We missed having him there, but we still enjoyed ourselves and look forward to telling him about it next weekend.

The auctioneer, the crowd, and an 
unfortunate angle of a woman as
she's looking at auction item

I enjoyed quite the belly laugh at the auction when my husband tried to put his bidding card in the pocket of his tshirt and found he had put his shirt on inside-out that morning. I didn't notice it because the shirt was black, there was no tag, and I also wasn't paying attention.

We had breakfast this morning at my favorite place. There is no experience quite like eating at the counter at the White Grill and watching the line cook turning out food. It's magical.

A half Mess. Imagine a full-sized one....

I changed my nose ring last weekend for the very first time since I got the piercing in September. I am NOT thankful that getting the first ring out of my nose took me 45 minutes and was stupidly painful and continued to be so for six long days, but on the 7th day, NO PAIN! Yay!

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  1. I started to get a nose ring about 52 years ago. It was so painful that I gave it up. Maybe it'f I'd just waited longer it would have stopped hurting.

    1. Mine hurt for months after I had it done. Just when I thought it was healed, I would boof myself in the nose and the pain would start all over again.

  2. I don't think I could handle a nose ring. I have inherited my dad's honker and also have a runny nose every time I eat. I would probably end up causing some damage. I admire others who can manage one. I do love my earrings, though, but I'm not a daily wearer, but probably should be. The first holes, all five of them, closed up. I have new ones as of about 3 years ago. I love auctions but have not been to one in years. Estate sales are fun, too, especially the not so fancy ones where you can get lower prices.

    1. I don't know what kind of second childhood I went through that caused me to pierce my nose, but I really do like it when it doesn't HURT. My ears are double pierced and I've become so lazy that I have put small sterling silver hoops in my ears and haven't changed them in over a year. Auctions make for terrific people watching. The ones around here are all in rural areas and small towns, and there are usually quite a few Old Order Mennonites there, especially if there are antique lamps being sold.

  3. Have not been to an auction, or now the I think of it, have not actually ever been to a yard sale. (I know! "What a surprise.)

    1. I hate yard sales, but I LOVE auctions! Wish you could go to one with me. They are interesting character studies!

  4. How did I read this already and not comment? My computer has been wonky lately.

    Estate sales can be fabulous, yard sales not so much. I have not ever bid at an auction, it might be interesting to try.

    It sounds like you had a busy week!