Monday, April 17, 2023

N is for Never Have I Ever....


#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter N

Never have I ever....

Drank even a sip of coffee

Eaten sushi

Mowed a lawn

Gotten a speeding ticket

Taken a cruise

Learned to swim

Owned a dog

Changed a tire

Ridden a motorcycle

Eaten a corndog

Shot a gun

Seen Star Wars

Been on a sports team

Gone skiing

Been arrested

Gotten drunk

Set off a firework

Watched the birth of a baby in person

Held a snake

What are your never have I evers? Share any of mine? Got any doozies of your own? Spill the tea in the comments!


  1. Have not been present at a birth, have not been up in a hot air balloon (though I'd love to), have not and would not skydive, would gladly get arrested for a good cause. I have held, actually more like worn, more than one really big python. I love snakes, and slinging one carefully over my shoulder was a very cool experience.

  2. ^^^That's me, Shelley, Stacy's friend.

  3. I've been present at the births of 5 of my grandchildren, learned to swim, shot a gun at the fair (does that count?), drank many sips of coffee, eaten sushi a few times, mowed lawns when I was growing up, gotten one speeding ticket. Or maybe it was just a warning.
    i'm with you on the rest of them.

  4. From among what you have listed, I share these:
    I never mowed a lawn, Owned a dog, Eaten a corndog, Seen Star Wars, Gone skiing, Been arrested, Gotten drunk, Set off a firework, Watched the birth of a baby in person, Held a snake.
    Besides these, I have never driven a truck or bus, acted in a play or movie, visited Europe...

  5. We share quite a few! I haven't had coffee, gotten a speeding ticket, changed a tire (though I do know how!), ridden a motorcycle, shot a gun, gone skiing (I intended to, but realized after suiting up that an injured arm wasn't going to allow me to ski), been arrested, nor gotten drunk. Do sparklers count as fireworks? If not, I haven't set off fireworks, either. My other never have I evers include I've never had a filling, broken a bone, nor had a piercing.