Sunday, October 2, 2022

Ten Plus A Bonus

I missed the party last week, but the reason is what gives me the start of my Ten Things of Thankful list for THIS week:

1. My dad had a health scare last Sunday that turned out not scary after all. I could call that worth ten, but I won't.

2. Candy pumpkins are only available this time of year. If I could get them ANY time, (a) I would get tired of them and (b) my teeth would rot and fall out. One month is just long enough!

3. Certainly not cool, crisp fall weather around here, but it's not blistering hot, either.

4. My family members and friends who live in Florida were not devastated by Hurrican Ian. If you would like to donate to help those who were, I suggest making it to the American Red Cross

5. My friend Nikki and I went to a warehouse sale at Erimish, my favoritist bracelet maker, and got many bracelets. I spent wayyyyy less than Nikki, and I am thankful for that, too!

6. Speaking of Nikki, she surprised me with a SUPER COOL GIFT:

Fisher Price took Little People to a whole new level

7. I thought a clock in the family room was broken. Turns out it just needed the corroded battery replaced. Whoops! Thankful to my husband for discovering this and cleaning off the corroded crud.

8. While my daughter didn't exactly come HOME for the weekend, she came THROUGH, dropped off the grandcat Calvin, and continued on to Fayetteville to visit friends. We did get to spend a little time together on Sunday on her way back through, and I am grateful that she was willing to help me hose down the patio area on the playground at school (need a clean slate for all the chalk art the kids are currently obsessed with). 

9. We went to Target and poked around and bought a Halloween costume for Calvin. Of course, we tried it on all the cats (except the Upstairs Cat, who wisely stayed, well, upstairs).

Lewis was the first victim

Nora had no doubt she was still beautiful

Calvin can't hide his death wish

10. I'm looking forward to the upcoming week and several fun activities I have planned. Tune in next week to see if they make the thankful cut!

And bonus thankful: the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers!

I hope YOU are looking forward to a thankful week!

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  1. It's wonderful to know your father is going to be okay.

    We aren't brave enough to try to dress up our cats.

    1. Thank you, Mimi! It was a relief to find out all was well! And dressing cats is a 2 person minimum!

  2. Fisher Price is great! My sister gifted me with A Christmas Story set last year. :-)
    Good news about your dad.