Sunday, September 18, 2022

I Finds Them Where I Sees Them

Week went fast. Weekend went faster. Here are my Ten Things of Thankful:

1. We celebrated Grandparents Day at school this week. I don't like events. I feel awkward and everyone is looking at me and I want to go home, so my thankful is that it is over for another year! 

2. As if Grandparents Day wasn't enough, we also had to have a booth at a local event called Third Thursday, which is a little street fair held downtown monthly from April through October. That's over now, too, until we are forced to do it again next September.

3. We learned about apples this week at school. I just got a text from a mom who said her son had an apple this weekend and wanted to plant the seeds to grow his own apple tree. It's delightful to see students carry what we talk about at school to home!

4. To add to that, I am thankful when parents text me stories and updates on my students (and former students). I love seeing little snapshots of their lives outside of school!

5. My husband and I picked out our own Christmas gifts this weekend:

6. I'm finding myself thankful for Instagram reels, which I never thought I'd say, since I thought them annoying, but when I can't sleep at night, they sure do help pass the time.

7. Update on the Upstairs Cat: he went downstairs on his own volition today, ate a little kibble, then sauntered back upstairs. He was jumpy while he was down there, and he jumped up like an armadillo no less than five times, but it's still progress.

8. Temps are back in the upper 90s here, but by mid-week, it's going to cool off. Not sweater weather, but not sweating weather, either!

9. I had a migraine yesterday, and I'm not thankful for that, because it was a doozy and my head still hurts this evening, but the thankful is the aura I get as the first sign I have a migraine has changed. I still HAVE one, but instead of a big blind spot (think the dark spot you see when the flash on a camera goes off in your face), I now have a large ring that moves across my field of vision. It's made of cut glass and has prisms with bright colors flashing in it, but at least I still have some vision until it passes (always from left to right, which is interesting). 

10. I'm thankful my son and daughter in law made it safely to and back home from vacation in Bali. Holy smokes, I didn't have a clue how far away that place is! Looks like I need to brush up on my geography!

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  1. "...jumped up like an armadillo
    (No! clark, you do not even want to know what that means!!)

    1. This will give you a visual

  2. I'm late in commenting, but hope that migraine went away, and that this past week was event-free. :-)

    1. That migraine really hammered me! It lingered for several days, which is unusual for me. I'm late in commenting constantly. My current mantra is "keep swimming"