Sunday, September 11, 2022

Thankfuls With A Bonus Centerfold Photo

Whoa, the weekend almost got away from me! By the way, September is halfway over this week. Let that wash over you a minute. 

Here are my Ten Things of Thankful for this week:

1. Popcorn that has been popped on the stove. With butter. Note to self: buy more popcorn.

2. Slightly cooler weather. According to the forecast, it's fleeting, but at least for one night, we can sleep with our windows open for the first time since, oh, April.

3. The Upstairs Kitty has been brave enough to go downstairs a couple of times this week. He had to be carried down the stairs and gently deposited in the kitchen, but he didn't freak out, so maybe there's hope he will return to being a full-house kitty.

4. Propel Black Cherry water. Tastes so much like a bing cherry that I want to chew it every time I take a drink.

5. Clean sheets on the bed.

6. I had a lovely visit with my friend and former co-worker Janet.

7. A craving for Mexican food that was satisfied by going out with my husband. I texted him on my way home from work and said I NEEDED it and he didn't question it at all.

8. The many birthday greetings I received last weekend. Social media isn't all bad!

9. The amazing cinnamon rolls I made this morning. Totally worth the 3+ hours it took to make them.

10. Chiefs win their first game of the season! 

Gratuitous photo of Lewis (he is NOT the
upstairs cat) just so you can admire his
mustache, toe fluff and pink toe bean.

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