Thursday, April 26, 2018

X is for eXtremely Creepy Baby - A Sequel

You do ONE creepy Pinterest project, and you are branded for life.

My herb garden.

If you haven't read C is for Creepy Baby, please do, right now....

I really loved that project. Not THAT creepy, in spite of what some people say (namely, the ones living in my own house). My planters are on my kitchen windowsill, happily growing basil and rosemary out of the tops of their heads. It's fun. It's quirky. It's a conversation starter. (It's also in the background of several pictures illustrating my A to Z posts.)

Then friends started sending me stuff like THIS:

How could I resist?

The Pinterest pin I found is actually a link to a video on how to make a doll nightlight. I needed a doll with a porcelain head, a nightlight, and an extender for the nightlight. That's pretty much it.

I ran by the DAV thrift store and had my choice of at least half a dozen porcelain head dolls. I picked this one:

She's had a hard life. My mom would have
said she was rode hard and put away wet.

Once home, the first step to making the nightlight was to remove the hair from the doll. Looking at her looking at me was worse than the trusting looks I got from the Peeps I used  to make Rice Krispie treats for "L is for Layered Peeps."

Her eyelashes fell off after taking a direct
hit from the Goo Gone.

Way worse.

That's better....

After I got the wig off, and after I tried to put it on Nora's head for a picture and she flipped it back behind the work bench in the basement and I don't know if I'll ever be able to reach it to retrieve it and some day, that bench will be moved and someone will think there's a dead animal with a pink bow back there, then, THEN, I had to get the glue residue off the head. I accomplished this with Goo Gone and VERY CAREFUL scraping with my utility knife.

Once her head was clean, all I had to do was put the nightlight in the neck hole and plug it in. I'm not going to lie here. The light doesn't fit in the neck hole perfectly like the one in the video, and I'd like to know how many thrift store dolls that guy went through before he found the PERFECT fit, but it fits good enough for now. I'm going to get my previous partner in crime, a/k/a Daddy, to help me secure the nightlight safely, because, guys....


Mike drop....


  1. You are KILLING ME! SO FUNNY! too bad about Nora.. would have been classic! zoe

  2. Wow! I'm not even sure how I feel about this one. It does make the doll head planters seem far less creepy when you realize there is even creepier stuff you can do with doll heads. I don't think I'd want to wake up in the dark to this nightlight although she does have an eerie draw. Pinterest Win? Weekends In Maine

  3. My fingers are itching to put a Pharoah's headdress on that...!

  4. Oh my goodness, I have seen this across Facebook. Super creepy indeed!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Creepy as this concept is, and the thought of walking down a hallway or into a dark room at night and seeing a face glowing back at me, I have to admit that yours turned out pretty darn cute! And... I have to wonder if your kids are starting to worry about you and this A-Z thing! ROFL

  6. You know I love it. Perfect for a guest room. Well done.