Thursday, April 5, 2018

E is for Eyes

"E is going to be for EASY," I foolishly said to myself when I saw this on Pinterest:

The 10+ pictures included sticking googly eyes on inanimate objects to make them look like something living:

So I did this:

Please tell me you see a snowman, too.

And googly eyes were stuck on pictures of animals and people, so I amused myself to no end doing this:

Kleenex box at preschool

Pictures hanging at the photo studio
where I work in the afternoon.I think they
came from calendars.

Like this one A LOT.

My favorite work of googly art.

When I got home, it was time to googly eye the cats, because not only was there the pin of the cat (who, coincidentally, looks EXACTLY LIKE PETE) with eyes stuck on its back to make it look like an elephant, but there was this:


I chased two cats around my bedroom, trying to sneak googly eyes onto their fur, but they were onto me the minute I walked into the room (how did they KNOW?).  I distracted Pete long enough to get this:


And this:

It must have been a rattlesnake, because
it kept striking....

Pete's "I'm not amused by this" face.

I tried to do stick them on Nora, but she wasn't having it. She ricocheted around the bedroom, trying to outrun the ones I stuck on her, eventually succeeding, and then tried to eat my googly eye collection:

And see this picture? The caption claims the googly eyes were put on a sleeping cat:

I call bullshit.

After what I witnessed with my two, I can state unequivocally that the cat pictured above is actually dead.

So, is it a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail? Or half and half?


  1. I think the googly eyes are win. They made me laugh. I applaud your efforts to get them on your cats. I would be afraid of the scratches I would get if I tried to do that to mine.
    Weekends In Maine

    1. I had a grand time sticking those eyes on the pictures! The cats just kept running a step ahead of me and disappearing under the bed or the ottoman when I got close!

  2. I think your cat looks like Mr. Snufflepagus from Sesame Street. and I didn't see a snowman but a clown. :D

    1. He kind of does, doesn't he? And I see where you would see a clown!

  3. What fun with those googly eyes :-)

  4. This is the best post I've read today by far! Brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you!!

  5. You deserve to win this challenge. thanks for cheering up all of us #atoz'ers 😂

  6. I think I vote for the tiger, altho' the hedgehog IS pretty darned cute.
    (and you might like this)

    1. They are all so goofy, it really is hard to pick a favorite!

      OHMYGOODNESS! Love, love, LOVE the link! That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. I call this a definite, delightful win! Pete looks like a wooly mammoth! I've always wanted to try this, hadn't seen the snake one before. I loved all the inanimate objects and pictures enhanced with your googly eyes, and I'm going to have to buy some and do that to amuse Papa Bear some day. He'll love it. As for the elephant, Smokey would make a great one, but they truly do seem to be telepathic and know when you are up to no good. I don't know a single cat you could stick googly eyes on their face and get away with it, unless the cat is drugged or dead. I'll definitely take pictures if we can get a kitty to cooperate!

    I am so glad I am able to comment this year, your A-Z has to be the most fun of all. Nothing is cooler than when adults don't lose their childlike spirit for fun! xoxo

    Visit me at Josie Two Shoes

    1. Pete does look like a wooly mammoth (even without googly eyes!). It's a lot easier to stick googly eyes on a cat's back than on its tail, so be forewarned!
      My brother stuck googly eyes all over my nieces things when she left for college. She came home for her first visit and found them everywhere.
      Definitely could not put googly eyes on a sleeping cat like that. Either photoshopped or dead cat.
      I'm so glad you are able to comment now, too! You always write the BEST comments!
      p.s. I like "childlike spirit" so much better than "immature"! :)

  8. This is adorably funny. Pinterest win. Too bad Pete and Nora weren't as convinced.