Saturday, April 7, 2018

G is for Grits

I don't much like grits.

Apparently, no one in my family much did, either, because we never had them. And yes, I've tried cheese grits. A texture thing, because they're, you know, gritty.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my Person, Terri, in Nashville, and, as usual, we went on an eating frenzy to all my favorite restaurants, and one of our stops was Party Fowl, which is Terri's son's restaurant and serves Nashville hot chicken (and if you're ever in Nashville, you really should go there). We went for brunch (I had the apple and bourbon cream cheese stuffed french toast with my hot chicken on the side because those things SHOULD NOT TOUCH). Terri ordered some fried cheese grit cakes for us to share, and I was pretty sure she would be eating them all herself, me not much liking grits and all.

You know what? They were pretty good! I wasn't expecting to like them at all. The grittiness of the grits made the outside nicely crunchy. 

I found a recipe for grit cakes on Pinterest which I thought looked like it would TASTE like the ones at Party Fowl:

I bought some grits and set to work:

Grits. See? Gritty.

Whisk them into boiling water until
thickened, about 20 minutes.

Add green onions, garlic and shredded
cheddar cheese (it was supposed to be
WHITE cheddar but I hadn't read that
part of the recipe, so I used what I had).

Pour it into a 8x8 pan that has been
lined with parchment and let cool completely.
This was supposed to take an hour in the
fridge - it took two and part of the
time it was in the freezer.

Once cool (and in all honesty, I didn't read THAT
part of the recipe either, so the whole thing took,
well, about two hours longer than I planned) cut into
squares. Problem: them were WAYYYY thicker
than the ones at Party Fowl, so I cut each of
the squares across its equator and made it thinner.

Dredge each piece in seasoned flour...

...then in beaten egg and back in the flour.

And fry them in a little hot oil.

I didn't take a good TA-DAH picture, but here's
one that I already cut open.

AAAAAND, they were - okay.

The inside was NOT gritty; it was more creamy, and quite honestly, I found that texture more disturbing than if it had been gritty inside.

My husband was my guinea pig, as usual.

Husband: They're the best grits I've ever eaten.
Me: Have you ever eaten grits before?

If you like grits, I guess you might like these. If you like grits and had leftover grits in the fridge, you might go to the trouble of making these.

I've pretty much confirmed that I will save my grit-eating for the grit cakes at Party Fowl. 

I suppose if you like grits, and I mean REALLY LIKE grits, it was a Pinterest win....


  1. I actually do like grits - always have.
    Which is weird, since I grew up in New England. But my mom's folks were Appalachian hillbillies (literally) and they brought grits along with 'em when they came north. However, as I can't gag down a pear for that very same gritty texture reason, you will certain receive no censure from me.
    (But I might ask for that recipe...) ;-)

    1. I come from a long line of hillbillies, but we weren't grit eating hillbillies (although my mom said when she was a little girl, they went to dinner at a family member's house who were "poor relations" and they served possum).
      The link under the pin should take you to the recipe, but in the meantime, I have half a pan of grit squares I can send you....

  2. I am really funny about texture and food. I know exactly what you mean about grits. It's a cross between dirt and wallpaper paste. Zoe

    1. That is probably the best description I have ever read for grits. I do love cream of wheat, though.

  3. I've never been able to acquire a taste for grits but this is an interesting way to prepare them so maybe I'd like it. I'm not sure I should risk it. Weekends In Maine

    1. The ones from the restaurant really were good, but I think you'd have to like grits to REALLY like these grit cakes.

  4. I don't think I've tried grits, and with your glowing endorsement, I might not ever try them, unless I visit that restaurant you mentioned. :-)

  5. Being a Yankee by birth, I was raised grits-free, but having migrated to warmer regions I was introduced to them and have to admit I love them... something about the grittiness appeals to me I guess. One of my most favorite Southern treats is shrimp and cheesy grits and I order it any place we find it... the best I ever had was in Savannah. I am curious about these fried grits now, might just have to try them! Your husband's very politically correct response had me laughing. Papa Bear is always ever so polite about my cooking endeavors too, but if questioned further will admit that maybe it wasn't my most stellar moment. :-)

    1. He said they weren't bad, but I don't think he's in a big hurry for me to make them again! The thought of shrimp and grits makes me gag a little. I like shrimp, but I think we've established I don't like grits! :)

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    1. You're ahead of me; I don't even know how to add a link back.