Tuesday, April 17, 2018

P is for Paper Plate Clock

Every time I have thought I've found an easy Pinterest project for my challenge, I have been very, very wrong.

By George, this time, I think I've done it!

Here's the pin:

Supplies needed: a paper plate and a clock movement kit ($7.99 at Michael's)

I never took Geometry in high school because no one made me, and I seldom regret it; however, the first thing I had to do to make a paper plate clock was find the center of the paper plate. Some minor Geometry skills might have come in handy at this point, but instead, I found it using probably the most difficult way possible: I carefully cut the center out of a plate, folded it in half, then folded it again and marked the center with a dot. I poked a hole through the dot, laid the circle on the back of a new plate, marked the intersection, poked a hole, and done. Mission accomplished.

The only real directions there were after this was to stick the clock movement through the hole, and that's pretty much how it all went down:

Clock movement stemmy part
(the actual works are behind the plate)

This is the guts of the clock.

Assemble the hands by following
the directions on the package.

Guys, I made a clock out of a paper plate.
I made a CLOCK out of a PAPER PLATE



  1. So glad this was an easy, fun project for you. There are so many possibilities with this one. Did you hang the clock up? Weekends In Maine

    1. The clock is currently propped up on my dresser, because I live in an old house with plaster walls and these things are not done lightly! But I'm going to hang it, because I love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha ha! It took me 10 minutes to get the battery in. That was the hardest part!

  3. The only thing, can you tell what time it is with all those flowers on the plate. That said, I think making a clock sounds interesting.

    1. Good question. I bought the clock movement without thinking about the color of the hands; I just bought what they had. I bought the plates because they were pretty and cheap. Coincidentally, the plates had a gold rim and the clock hands were gold and it looked nice together. Having completed it, I see where a more subdued paper plate would be a good idea, and one of these days I'll change it out when I come along a paper plate that isn't quite so busy but is still pretty.

  4. Those are nice paper plates. I recall making a "clock" with a plain paper plate and no works, but just paper hands that you had to adjust yourself. Gosh, there's a memory from way back in my mind.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. My mother loved pretty paper plates, so it makes me think of her. Adjusting paper hands would be time consuming (PAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!). School project?

  5. Now that is way cool... and wouldn't it be cute in a kitchen?! I have seen them done with old vinyl LP records too (yes, you do too know what that is, but the youngsters reading might not). :-) I didn't realize that the clockworks were that inexpensive and now I'm thinking I might just have to play with some for fun Christmas gifts. Definite win! :-)

    1. Oooo, an LP would make a great clock, because it already has a hole in the middle! Good idea, Josie! Finding the middle was the hardest part of the project (second was getting the battery in).