Sunday, January 8, 2023

Yes, Virginia, Christmas Is Really Over Now

1. All* the Christmas decorations are down and almost all* are put away.

*I forgot the greenery on top of the switchboard, which I noticed this morning, and I haven't taken down the lighted greenery around the inside of the front door because (a) it's pretty and (b) it's hard to get down

**Except the items listed above, plus the candles from the windows, which are currently on my son's bed and which I didn't take down until Epiphany, because, you know, direction for the wisemen and all. Also there are probably at least half a dozen ornaments scattered about the house that Lewis removed from the tree and has made into toys. I may never find them all.

2. Back to school after Christmas vacation, and I sure was glad to see my nugs! Now to get them back into out daily routine after that nice, long (but not nearly long enough) break....

3. More seasonable weather has returned after that nasty cold and snow we briefly had before Christmas, "seasonable" meaning 40s and 50s and even occasional 60s during the day. That's plenty cold enough.

4. I'm thankful for this sweet, sweet boy. This is Finn. He could have slept on the bed. Or a chair. Or a lap. Instead, he chose to make a bed on the trash bag that I had been filling with newspapers and such from our bedroom. He's been there a couple of hours now. So not smart, but so sweet!

5. I love my bread machine! I made cinnamon roll dough this morning and Italian bread dough this afternoon. Same end result, less work!

6. I praise my Kitchen Aid often, I know, but with the help of it, I made a French silk pie that is now chilling in the fridge.

7. I bought a Vera Bradley handbag last weekend for $2 at a thrift store.

8. The smell of bacon cooking.

9. Friends who will road trip with me for a 120 mile round trip so I can take care of a five minute errand, especially when the road trip ends with a hamburger from the White Grill in Nevada, MO.

10. How 'bout those CHIEEEEEEEEEFS?!

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