Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Month That Never Ends

Hoo, boy, this was a four-day week that felt more like a 44 day week. My nugs acted as though they had Monster energy drink for breakfast and were training to be WWE wrestlers. I had two evening meetings I had to attend, so I was at school for over 14 hours both days. My hip hurts and I don't know why and nothing is making it better. I've had a busy weekend (FUN, but busy). I'm not whining; just explaining. 

I still have thankfuls, of course!

My sister bestie Nikkie had her 50th birthday this week. I made her a Kahlua cake (per her request) that turned out really well and should be noted that it never should be eaten immediately before driving!

We did some process art at school that included tearing paper into small pieces and gluing them onto paper. They did better than I expected - tearing paper is HARD for little fingers (and that's why we do it - to strengthen those small muscles).

I'm thankful for glue sticks that look purple until they dry. 

I'm thankful when my nugs learn they are not actually purple markers but a tool for sticking paper together.

I'm thankful to work with a great bunch of college students.

My other sister bestie, Julie, and I have been planning a real 50th birthday party for our partner in crime. I was beginning to wonder if we would be able to pull it together, but somehow, we did it!

Julie and I drove 120 miles round trip so we could buy a birthday cake from Costco, because they have THE BEST half sheet cake (white cake, cheesecake mousse filling). We bought other goodies for the party there as well, because, well, Costco. I thought they were going to have to load me on one of those flatbed carts and roll me out of the store because my hip was KILLING me, but I made it under my own steam.

Really good barbeque with Julie. REALLY good.

BBQ brisket, hand cut fries, beans

We had a FABULOUS birthday party for Nikki on Saturday night. We went to a Create 'n Sip place, where we ate party food (including the delicious Costco cake), drank wine, and painted a picture. Nikki chose a sunflower as our project, and we turned out about 22 very different ones!

Our instructor, Coleman, showing us
how to paint the background.

Our inspiration picture.

How mine turned out.

The partiers and their sunflowers

How 'bout those CHIEEEEEEEEFS?!

I have high hopes that THIS week is going to be DELIGHTFUL. And there's a chance of snow mid-week, and we all know a chance of snow means a chance of a SNOW DAY. Stay tuned!

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  1. A teacher friend of mine says regular weekends, where kids spend 2 days at home doing whatever they want, are normal. Add a 3rd day, and it means mayhem when they do get back to school, the same as after a longer holiday break.

    Those purple glue sticks are fabulous when working with older special needs children, too, as you never know where the glue is going to land when some of them have so little motor control.

    How wonderful the party and cake and bbq and time spent with the ones you love turned out so beautifully. Tell the birthday girl i wish her many happy returns of the day.

    1. Your teacher friend is correct! And I will tell the birthday girl! Have a wonderful week!

  2. All beautiful sunflowers. It is one of my beautiful flowers. Painting with friends is so much fun too.

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun to paint, especially with a group of friends!

  3. It's good you had a busy weekend. Happy birthday to your sister