Sunday, December 4, 2022

I Didn't Get Killed By A Raccoon And Other Thankfuls

The week after Thanksgiving is a loooooong one. The little nugs have been wound up since Halloween, and now there's no hope of reeling them back in until January. Christmas?  Only three weeks away, and I have done NOTHING. I don't even have my house decorated, which wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't having the staff Christmas party here on Friday evening. The party for our college student workers is Thursday, and it appears I am in charge of that, along with my co-worker Emily, and if that weren't enough, I promised caramel popcorn to get the students to attend. GAHHHHH!!!

Maybe next week's Ten Things of Thankful will include how delightful the children have been, how lovely my house was for the staff party, how the college students didn't think their party was in the least bit lame, with or without caramel popcorn, and that I have all my gifts purchased or at least ordered. Tune in to find out, but in the meantime....

I put a three foot tall Christmas tree in my classroom for the nugs to decorate, and they have only knocked it over once.

To the best of my knowledge, none of them have eaten any of the mint-scented playdough.

I had trouble getting my my internal motor started all week and left the house late every single morning, BUT I made it to work on time each day. This is doubly important because I am the one with the key and am responsible for opening the school each morning, 

Encountered deer near the side of the road two different days this week and discovered that if you honk the horn at them, they literally turn tail and run the opposite direction. Seems to be a LITTLE more effective than my usual M.O. of rolling down the window and yelling at them to go home and stay off the road.

I'm thankful for good hair days, because I've had several REALLY BAD ones this week and they served as a reminder that it doesn't always look bad.

On that note, a guy working at Belk department store told me my hair was beautiful, and I accepted the compliment without saying anything negative.

That and the $7.90 sports bra I found on the clearance rack put a big ol' smile on my face.

My husband and I went to Silver Dollar City this weekend to see the Christmas lights. They were nothing short of spectacular,  the weather was pleasant and a light coat was sufficient, and we didn't lose our car in the parking lot.

Well, I didn't get killed by a raccoon, but I almost did. While walking down the big hill (IYKYK) at Silver Dollar City right at dusk, something ran out from the trees and across my path. I stopped just short of tripping on what I first thought was a cat (although that clearly didn't make sense in a theme park) but turned out to be a VERY LARGE RACCOON. It ran past us and into a dining area behind a restaurant, a move that it was obviously quite familiar with. There were about a half dozen or so people who also saw it speed in front of me, and we all stood there open-mouthed before laughing.

My friend's mom got scratched and bitten by a raccoon this summer that SHE encountered in the dark and had to get rabies shots, so one more thankful that the raccoon I saw not only didn't trip me and send me flying, but it also didn't attack me for just being in the way.

Time to go to bed and not think about everything I have to get done. Wish me luck with that....

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  1. May the next week have sufficient time for you to do what needs to be done without too much stress. I'm so glad the raccoon left you alone! We've seen so many deer either running across the road or dead on the side of the road lately; I do wish they would be more careful. Glad you found a way to shoo them away.

  2. Them deers is tricky. Around here they tend to wait until dusk (for maximum indivisibilty*) and, we've long since learn that if you see on crossing the road, their two or three relatives are just waiting for the chance to play dodge 'em
    I'm the designated flashlight wielder when Una needs to go at night. No surprises are good surprises.

  3. The raccoon sounds quite bold, he's probably used to people even if people aren't used to him.

    You'll get through the week, i hope you take time to have fun doing it.