Sunday, December 11, 2022

Another One Of Those Thankful It's Over Weeks

This week has been nuts, and I'm thankful it's over! Here's why:
The nugs are wound up beyond belief in anticipation of Christmas. 

On Monday evening, the State office that we share a building with informed us they would have to turn our water off Tuesday morning from 6:30 to 7:00 in order to fix a leak. I thought it would be useful if I got to work really early Tuesday, so I could fill pitchers with water so the kids' water cups could be filled and ready for them, just in case it had to stay off longer than was estimated. Didn't happen, as I didn't get to school until 6:45 due to hair issues (any curly girls out there will understand this).

The water was on when I got to work, which was good, but it gets not good. We have breakfast at 8:00, then we have mandatory Potty Try Time. I went in the bathroom to supervise potty time, and remembering the water had been off, I thought it best to give each toilet a practice flush first. Even though these toilets don't have a tank like a home toilet does, it made sense to try it out, right? Last thing we need is a gurgling toilet to scare a little nug and have a toilet training set back, right?

Big thankful here: I used my foot to push the lever down to flush the toilet.

That gurgling I was concerned about? Try an explosion of water from a tiny toilet that not only shot up like a fountain about a foot above the toilet, but also the fountain was spinning in a circle. (One of my 3 year old boys was with me as a witness for any of you doubting that could possibly happen, and he will gladly describe every detail!) 

I yelled something (possibly a bad word, but I have no idea) and backed quickly away. See why I'm particularly thankful that I wasn't bending over that toilet, flushing it with my hand?!

My student worker was dispatched to the office to get help. The other toilet in the room was useable, so while I was trying to potty 16 little nugs, I put a movie on for them to watch, not caring that they shouldn't be having all that screen time, but you gotta do what you gotta do when there is a water volcano in your bathroom.

Hillbilly came from the physical plant in record time and fixed the fountain toilet as I used the other toilet to potty everyone. He looked over at me at one point and said, as I was helping a one child onto the toilet, putting a clean diaper on another, and making sure a third one was washing his hands, "Bless you! You have a lot of patience!" 

The rest of the week was spent planning and shopping for the Christmas party we held on Thursday evening for our student workers. It was a huge amount of work, even with my co-worker Emily to help me by being the assistant cruise director (or perhaps assistant to the cruise director - IYKYK), including spending FOUR HOURS shopping for gifts and prizes. The student workers seemed to have a good time, as evidenced by how long they stayed, but hoo boy, I was exhausted!

Friday night was the staff Christmas party at my house. I had had no time (or energy) to decorate my house, so it was only half done, but at least I had the tree up and decorated. My husband nearly pulled his arm out of the socket patting himself on the back for "cleaning" the house for me on Friday afternoon, even though his idea of cleaning was sweeping the kitchen floor and hiding all his work stuff upstairs in my daughter's bedroom and I had to clean the bathroom, vacuum, dust, de-cat hair the furniture, and make food. It was a great party (even though a couple of them were probably not so much great the next morning...).

But I survived. I'm bone tired and need about a week to fully recover (preferably on a tropical beach somewhere). Seven more school days and we get a ten day break. For THAT, I am doubly thankful!

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  1. and...and! only ten more days 'til Summer
    (great scene btw in the bathroom)... you oughta come by the Six Sentence Story... ever one used to enjoy your Sixes (with or without Yellowstone toilet geysers)