Sunday, November 20, 2022

Quick And Easy (That's What She Said)

Am I phoning in this week's Ten Things of Thankful post? Yes. Is this terribly lazy of me? Also yes. But does it prove that a TToT post can be quick and easy? Absolutely! 

Here are my thankfuls:

1. (Barely) surviving my first five day work week in three weeks.

2.  A warm school building.

3. The smell of pumpkin pie in the oven.

4. Good hair days.

5. My Shark vacuum cleaner. It's awesome at picking up pet hair!

6. The best invention since sliced bread: the heated mattress pad.

7. Tapioca pudding.

8. Etsy shops.

9. Kitty snuggles after being gone all weekend.

10. Anticipation for my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!

Time to snuggle under the covers that are ALREADY WARMED AND READY THANKS TO MY HEATED MATTRESS PAD. Make notes this week on what YOU are thankful for and link up with us Thanksgiving weekend or any weekend!

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  1. I'm with Kristi, it's fun the variety of styles in this place (as to TToT lists) and. of course,. Gra t#2 not-cold is half the battle.

  2. Excellent! Yes, it's easy, it's fun, and you are right, once i'm home there's no dragging me back out unless it's an emergency or there's free food.

  3. Oh, so many good things on your list! Thank you for sharing!