Sunday, November 13, 2022


My Ten Things of Thankful for this week comes from a little adventure that I waited a lifetime for:

1. I had a three day work week this week, because...

2. husband and I took a couple of days off work to go to Kansas City and spend the weekend (plus 2 days) with our daughter.

3. We ate well, as usual, including my favorite Minsky's Pizza, which we ordered online for carryout and where my daughter and I, sitting in her car in front of the restaurant, got the bejesus scared out of us when a man knocked on the passenger window next to me on two separate occasions. He did this because we had pulled into a space clearly marked "curbside pickup," although neither of us noticed the big sign in front of the car until after the first time he tapped on my window and we screamed and he probably peed his pants a little. Instant replay when he brought the pizzas to the car and once again tapped on my window. I know he was thankful he didn't have to come back to the car a third time, and we were thankful he wasn't a random rapist or murderer.

4. The most exciting part of the weekend, the reason we went to Kansas City that particular weekend for something we had been planning since August, was that we had tickets to see the Chiefs pay at Arrowhead Stadium! It was a night game, not starting until nearly 7:30, which is why we took off work on Monday. (If we had tried to drive back home after the game, it would have been 3 a.m. before we arrived.) SO thankful we were both able to take the time off from work!

5. We picked this game in particular because the Chiefs were playing the Tennessee Titans, and a college friend of my daughter's was a first round draft pick for the Titans. Sadly, he was on the injured reserve list (and had been for a month), but that way, 100% of our loyalty was to the Chiefs.

6. I grew up in Kansas City, but I had never been to a Chiefs game before. I was a kid when they won the 1970 Super Bowl, and it was pretty much impossible to get tickets then unless you were a season pass holder, which my family couldn't afford. Then I moved away to attend college (and points beyond), and my parents moved, and even after my husband and I returned to Missouri, we couldn't afford tickets. Then we made it happen, sitting in the cheap seats high in the sky, but I was FINALLY THERE!

7. We got to the stadium before 4 pm and had quite a lot of time to kill before the game started. We didn't tailgate (next time!), so we wandered around among the hardcore tailgaters and to an event in front of the stadium with music and food and way too many people, BUT I got my picture taken with KC Wolf, the Chiefs mascot, so my day was absolutely made!

8. It got cold, but not too cold. 

9. Okay, it got too cold during the 4th quarter, but when the game ended with a tie and went into overtime, the adrenaline rush made the ol' blood flow and I felt a wee little bit warmer!

10. They WON!

Did it take an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot and drive the six miles back to Emma's apartment? Yes. Did I spend a stupid amount of money on hot dogs? Yes. Did the four guys in front of me spend the entire game on their feet, loudly giving advice to the refs, the player, and the coaches? Yesssss. Was it all worth it? YES!

If you have a spare 20 minutes, watch this video about prepping for game day at Arrowhead, including some fun footage of Dan Meers, a/k/a KC Wolf, who has been the Chiefs mascot for 30 years.

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  1. damn!*

    *compliment on a weekend's activity that not only connected into (one's) past but was enjoyable with minimum of.... non-enjoyableness. (cold/outdoors kinda diminishes the likelihood for me

  2. What a fun time, congratulations to your team!