Sunday, June 5, 2022

Kidneys and Churros and Other Thankfuls

 I really, REALLY love my summer 4-day work week, but since I have Mondays off, then Sundays don't feel like Sundays and I forget that Sunday is Sunday and I need to write a TToT post. That will lead me to my first of this week's Ten Things of Thankful!

1. The famous Clark of The Wakefield Doctrine posted on the TToT facebook page and said he couldn't get the link to work, which prompted me to think OH DEAR GOD, I ALMOST MISSED MY OWN HOP AGAIN. I also linked him up, so you can read his entry, posted below.

2. Last weekend, my daughter and I visited one of my favorite thrift stores and I came across these two mugs:

I have no explanation for the missing eyes

This is how I knew it was a kidney....

I didn't buy them at the time, but after thinking about them all weekend, I went back and got them. Bonus thankful is they were half price on Tuesday, so I paid a big one dollar for both. I have since learned they were given away by drug reps back in the late 90s-ish and also included a liver, muscle, pancreas, and stomach. Guess we all know what I am going to be on the hunt for!

3. Because Monday was a holiday, I got Tuesday off as well, giving me a three day work week. Pretty sweet!

4. My assistant teacher's last day was Friday. I am not thankful for this, because she was amazing, but I am grateful for the time I had with her in class. I knew my nugs were in good hands when I was gone. She's going to deliver Baby Paul in a few weeks, and he's going to get a wonderful mama!

5. Blueberry season is almost upon us.

6. The Andy Griffith Show. 

7. Hershey kisses. Nice when you need just a little something sweet (also nice to mindlessly eat half a bag just because you can).

8. One of my friends and (co-workers) Emily got married last night. It was such a happy, beautiful wedding! Congratulations, Emily and Jacob!

With my friends Nikki and Robin before the
ceremony. There was a pretty waterfall
behind us, but my arms weren't long enough
to capture it in the photo

Did I also mention that we had a lot of
fun? Emily thought of EVERYTHIING and
had a table set up for kids with activities that
maybe included glow sticks....

With some of my co-workers (can you see how
pretty it is?). Photo cred to K.Nine!

9. There was a churro truck at the reception, so besides the delicious assortment of Mexican food that was served, you could get a big bowl of churros topped with ice cream and fruit and stuff. Oh. My. Word.

Chopped churros, cookies and cream ice cream,
strawberries, condensed milk drizzle

10. And more ice cream tonight! (Ice cream is one of my favorite food groups, along with the pizza food group and the doughnut food group). My neighbor is hosting an ice cream social for our block. We are bad about keeping to ourselves, especially since Covid, so it will be nice to meet all the neighbors on our street. I'm grateful Jane caught us in the driveway after coming home from the lake last weekend, or we might not have committed to attending!

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  1. Thanks for the linkation*
    Full Disclosure: living in New England, I felt it prudent to google 'churros'. Was aware of the idea of them, just haven't encountered them in person.
    Sounds interesting.
    have a good(ish) week!

    *not a 'real' word

    1. Usually churros are eaten alone or with filling in the middle if it's fancy, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like the alone ones at all. But add ice cream and fruit and stuff and you've got a deal!