Sunday, June 12, 2022

Your Everlasting Summer, You Can See It Fading Fast....

What a great week! Yes, it's been hot. Hot. HOT. Humid. SOOOOOO humid. 70% humidity and 90 degrees. It's like walking through chest-deep water, and your clothes are clammy and your hair is all drippy around your face and a trickle of sweat runs down your back and into your underpants and you drink and drink and drink but you hardly ever pee, because all of the liquid in your body is oozing out of your pores and never makes it to your bladder. 

Sounds like a great week, huh?

Well. It was. Here's how:

1. It was "move up" week for some of my preschoolers, when four of my nugs moved up to Pre-k and four babies moved up from Toddlers to my preschool room. It's bittersweet, but I can stop in and visit my big pre-k nugs any time, since they are just down the hall, and it's fun to see how quickly the new nugs go from baby to preschooler once they are in a bigger kid classroom.

2. I'm thankful for severe weather forecasts that did not come to fruition.

3. Air conditioning. I'm quite thankful for that.

4. Several weeks ago, my friend Becky (we met in MOMS Club when our kids were toddlers AND I had both of her kids when I taught pre-k) posted on Facebook that she had tickets to Steely Dan that she was not going to be able to use and were free to anyone who wanted them. Guess where my husband and I went Friday night?  I am sorry Becky couldn't use her tickets (which she bought two years ago and had been hanging onto after Covid caused it to be postponed), but I'm really, REALLY thankful that I saw her post! 

5. We had never been to the Walmart AMP before, only driving by it on our way to Fayetteville, but it's a really nice venue. Parking was plentiful and FREE, and as we were walking down the sidewalk in the direction of the amphitheater, we ran into our friends Kristie and Steve, who are not only from Joplin but who live a couple of blocks away from us. We even used to live on the same street, and Kristie and I worked together many years ago, and we had a great visit before the concert. I love small world encounters!

Strict rules about taking photos at the event
(or, rather, NOT taking them) per Steely Dan,
so rule follower that I am, we took this before
we went through the gates.

6. I learned about boozy milkshakes at the AMP, specifically, hot fudge and bourbon milkshakes.... 

7. After getting home late from Steely Dan (which was excellent, by the way), we got up early Saturday morning and drove to Kansas City. First thing on the agenda was attending the KC Pride parade. What a joyful event! I couldn't even complain about being hot, because there were drag queens in full make up and wearing outrageous shoes marching down the street.


8. After the parade, we changed gears completely, and my daughter and I met my lifelong (as in since we were about 3 years old) friend Teresa at March For Our Lives. We also attended the first March For Our Lives together back in 2016, and as Teresa put it, it would be nice if we didn't have to keep rallying for gun law reform. May the horror at Uvalde elementary school be the last of its kind and we can be free of gun violence. May it be so.

We were positively melting.

9. Saturday evening, my husband and daughter declared themselves done with the great outdoors, but I took a leisurely walk down to the Country Club Plaza to buy a KC Pride t-shirt and people watch.

This sculpture used to be a fountain
and water trickled out of its nose. It
was located in front of Steve's Shoes,
where we went for my corrective
saddle oxfords....

The Hare Krishnas were
having a good time

In front of the fountain formerly known
as the JC Nichols fountain. He designed
the Country Club Plaza but was a horrible
racist and it took about a hundred years
for anyone to do anything about it.

10. Always on my thankful list is attending church in person at Community Christian Church, It always gives me comfort.

I hope you had a terrific week, too. because you deserve it!

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