Monday, May 10, 2021

My Pants Are Broken And Other Thankfuls

This Season of Large Life Events is about halfway over. Some days I think, it's ONLY halfway over and others, it's ALREADY halfway over. Kind of a glass half full or half empty way to look at it, but since I am forever a half full kind of gal, it makes it so much easier to come up with thankfuls!

We had lovely weather most of the week, and it was even warm enough for my little nugs to be barefoot in the sandbox.

I was gifted a package of Peeps. I had planned to save them but ended up pounding them down in a stress-eating frenzy, but they were delicious while they lasted.

This thankful is for one of my little nugs: all of my denim capris are too big for me (okay, that part is a thankful for me) and also very old and wearing out on the knees (I am down on the floor a lot at school). Two pairs have worn through at the knees and now the knees have ripped out, which is a look people pay A LOT of money for in the stores, and mine are completely natural. ANYWAY, I have continued to wear them, because I only had another couple of pairs with the knees intact; however, one of my little boys has been very concerned about the condition of these capris. When he first saw them, he said, "Dillon! Your pants are broken!" and continued to ask me about them about a thousand times. Last week, I bought not one, not two, but THREE new pairs - no holes! He did not notice when I wore my new "unbroken" pants, by the way, in case you wondered.

My daughter was invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. According to a quick Google search, just over 1% of college seniors are invited to join. She wouldn't have accepted it, had they not also sent a letter to our house that I intercepted, because she thought is was one of the many scam "honor societies" that she has been invited to join since she was in middle school. Two thankfuls right there!

Friday afternoon, my baby girl graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Arkansas honors college with a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism and with a 4.0 GPA. She was in a sorority, volunteered, and was involved in several campus activities, including serving as Secretary of the student government this year, and wrote and defended an honors thesis on the Covid vaccine. She rocks.

The University of Arkansas takes their Covid protocol VERY SERIOUSLY. There are 8 colleges within the University. These were divided into TWENTY different graduation ceremonies and held at venues throughout the campus. My daughter's ceremony was held in the Bud Walton Arena, home of Razorbacks basketball, and there were a total of 8 held in that building alone ON FRIDAY. There were 7 held in there the next day. There was much less pomp and circumstance than one would expect at a large college graduation, including the fact that they didn't even PLAY Pomp And Circumstance (my daughter felt a little cheated by that, and I have to concur), but we were in and out in an hour and traffic wasn't bad.

The graduates spread out on the arena floor.

We (meaning my husband and me, as the new graduate had better offers) went to the lake house for the rest of the weekend and spent Saturday afternoon at Silver Dollar City enjoying a bluegrass festival. We sat for three hours in an amphitheater in the blazing sunshine that had shown no signs of appearing when we left the house without putting on sunscreen, and somehow, we came away without getting sunburned. Won't risk THAT again!

These ladies cracked themselves up with
their makeshift sun hats. We weren't the only
ones who weren't expecting to see the sun!

I didn't count closely, but I think that's ten. This week should be fairly quiet, then the next Large Life Event will be looming ahead.....

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  1. Congratulations to your wonderful daughter! You and dad did a great job.