Sunday, May 2, 2021

Busy Little Week Of Thankfuls

When last we were together, I had finished a fun-filled girls weekend at the lake house with two of my friends from work. One of the friends (not naming names, but it rhymes with Vikki) had been suffering from allergies all week. As we were headed to the lake, "Vikki" needed to take her allergy meds, and I was the only one with a drink, but (a) she's already had Covid, (b) we are both fully vaccinated, and (c) she has allergies, so what could possibly go wrong? Sunday afternoon, I became congested. By the time I got home from the weekend trip, I had a little fever. Monday, the headache started, Tuesday, the yellow snot (sorry, that's what it was). Anyone else think "Vikki" had allergies? Yeah, me, either, but they lead me to my Ten Things of Thankful.

1. After being in utter misery all week, by Wednesday, friends were telling me I should call a doctor. Light bulb moment: I BIRTHED a doctor! Okay, he's three weeks short of the degree, but close enough. I texted him about it. He told me 90% of upper respiratory infections are viral and if I didn't have a temp anymore, I probably didn't need antibiotics and to take some OTC anti-allergy medication to alleviate symptoms. On Thursday, I got an electric jolt in my upper teeth if I bent over, my face hurt to touch it, and I was having, shall we say, very productive episodes of nose blowing. I didn't want to go to the Urgent Care if I could avoid it, because Covid, but I remembered (another light bulb moment) my insurance company has a Telemed option. Registered on-line, got a phone call within five minutes, had a doctor confirm what I already knew, and got a prescription for an antibiotic for my bouncing baby sinus infection. Boom!

2. This is my antibiotic. I took a picture of it next to my finger to show you how big it is, but without you knowing how long my fingers are, it may not look that big, so I took it with a quarter for size. Then I added its twin, the Mucinex tablet. I'm thankful they have gone down easier than I ever could have imagined they would. Whew!

Big pill. 

See? Even if you don't believe I have long fingers,
you can't argue with a quarter

3. And they don't make my tummy hurt. Bonus!

4. I REALLY needed to get started on an antibiotic as soon as possible, because my husband and I had to go to Fayetteville Friday afternoon to attend the University of Arkansas Seniors of Significance awards presentation. Seventy-one seniors were selected from over 600 nominations by faculty and staff based on academic achievement, leadership skills, and co-curricular activities. Once the ceremony started, we were pleased to find out Emma Kate not only was a Senior of Significance, but she was also honored as a Razorback Classic, which was comprised of the top 20 students in the class.

5. They held five different ceremonies in order to provide for social distancing, but the recipients got to choose their time slot, and Emma was able to get in the same ceremony as several of her friends who were also recipients, including her cousin Will. Look very closely at the photos of Emma and Will (hint: check out the certificates).

Look closely at the certificates....

One of EK's friends walked by and told her 

6. After the ceremony and dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants (okay, it's a bar with food), we went to the dueling piano bar. It was boisterous and loud and sooo much fun! Singing along is encouraged, and no one can hear how bad of a singer you may or may not be!

7. Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30 am per usual, and when I couldn't entertain myself any longer, I got dressed and walked to a nearby bakery. Made it there and back without getting lost and brought back an assortment of pastries, including THE most amazing cinnamon rolls ever! 

8. We accompanied Emma Kate all over campus as her personal valets as she got senior pictures taken. I can't believe these four years are over already!

Carrying nothing but herself....

We were there to carry her wardrobe and
all the graduation cords, medals, and stolls

At the Zeta house

9. When we left Fayetteville, we took a side trip south to Devil's Den State Park (just my husband and me, as Emma Kate gently hinted that she might have better things to do on her last weekend as a college student than spend the afternoon hiking in the woods - go figure!). We didn't see the entire park, but we got an idea of the scope of it, hiked along a river, and just generally enjoyed a really gorgeous day. The park was built by the CCC in the 1930s and includes a spectacular dam.

So lovely and has withstood the test of time.

10. I need to get some sleep now, because my final thankful is that, starting tomorrow, I will be working full time! I was hired as a part time teacher, and it fit my schedule at the time, but after working there for a few months, I loved it and wanted to be full time. It took another year to happen, but it's now official! 

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  1. So sorry that you had to experience being sick in between some fantastic celebrations. You are so right! Those pills are gigantic, but I am glad you were able to swallow them okay. Congratulations on your part-time teacher position. What age group will you be teaching? Wishing you a very good and healthy week ahead.

  2. Congratulations to your beautiful Emma Kate, to Will, and to you for getting to go full time!

    What happened to you is exactly why i hate to eat or drink after anyone at all. Hope you are totally over the infection by now.

  3. You've had a busy month with some great life events! Congrats on your son's wedding, daughter's graduation, and your new job. Hope you rebound quickly from the sinus infection and that you had a fabulous first day at the new full time job. Weekends In Maine