Friday, February 5, 2021

My Baby Girl Is All Grown Up!

Hard to top a week that begins with Groundhog Day (you can read some fun facts on this week's official* Ten Things of Thankful blog post), but top it, I will, because this is a week that begins with Groundhog Day, ends with the KC Chiefs playing in (and, hopefully, winning) the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, and, sandwiched in the middle, is my baby girl's birthday. 

This week's TToT post could be called a sandwich post, then, as my list is dedicated to ten (of many more) thankfuls for my birthday girl, Emma Kate:

I have to begin this list with the story of her birth, which you can read here. That's my first thankful.

She has a wicked sense of humor.

She makes up her own mind, but not without researching the facts.

Camp counselor Emma, praying with a camper.

If you ask for her opinion, she will give it. Be prepared!

She is compassionate about helping the underserved.

She is brave.

First dance solo, age 9

She is fiercely protective of those she loves.

When she decides to do something, there is no stopping her.

Running for (and winning) the position
of student body secretary at the 
University of Arkansas

She is terrific fun on a road trip.

She is my very best friend, and spending the afternoon with her on her 22nd birthday was a gift to myself. Happy birthday, baby girl! Your future is bright!

Happy 22nd!

*who in their right mind put me in charge of something official?!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! She looks like a beautiful person.

    1. Thank you so much! She is a lovely girl, inside and out! And a hard worker!

  2. Happy birthday to Emma Kate! The photos are adorable!

  3. HB, EK

    Simple and direct and yet, providing a sense of the person.*
    Most excellent movie.**

    *not the easiest thing to do, as all we writeristically inclined blogger have learned.
    **Groundhog Day.

    1. You'd enjoy Emma Kate. Oh, and a lot of her friends call her EK, so you nailed that!
      My husband and I saw Groundhog Day in a movie theater in Ventura when we were still dating.

  4. Wishing her many, many happy returns of the day!

  5. Happy birthday, Emma. I can just imagine how much fun you two had celebrating her day. Can't wait to hear where she decides to go to law school.
    Enjoy the big game Sunday!

  6. Happy Birthday🎂! I know it was awesome!