Sunday, February 28, 2021

Thankfuls From Ten To One

I think I'm more thankful and hopeful this week than I have been in, oh, close to a year. Let me tell you in this week's Ten Things of Thankful:

10. The weather vastly improved over last week. We were able to play outside every day. We even took a walk and rolled down a hill in the (dead) grass. It was delightful!

9. According to my blog buddy Clark at The Wakefield Doctrine, it has been suggested that I bear a resemblance to either Ginger from Gilligan's Island, Ginger from Casino, or Ginger Spice. There is a poll being taken at The Wakefield Doctrine. I am intrigued.

8. I cut about an inch FROM THE BACK OF MY HAIR and didn't totally screw it up. Thank God curly hair is very forgiving!

7. My husband and I watched the movie "Nomadland," and I can't recommend it enough. 

6. I bought two pairs of Allbirds shoes this week from Poshmark, and I still paid less than I would have for only one brand new pair. 

5. A sticker I ordered from Etsy finally arrived this week and is now affixed to my Ozark Trail insulated cup (Yeti knock-off from Walmart) that is with me 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time, I am looking for my cup. While the sticker won't help me locate it, it WILL keep me from thinking I have found my cup when, instead, I have found my co-worker's cup that is just like mine.

4. Before I stickered the cup, I gave it thorough cleaning. Ick. I even took the rubber gasket off the lid and cleaned that. Quite thankful all I found was Diet Dr Pepper residue and no black mold or cholera.

3. We got a new Dyson stick vacuum at school, and it's a little embarrassing to admit how much I love it (thank you, Modoc Nation, for providing it to us!). I have one rug in my classroom, and it collects alllllll the dirt. 

2. Taco salad. I really like taco salad.

1. I got my first Covid vaccine this week. I cannot begin to convey to you what a relief this has been. People are stupid, and I did not want to be a victim of their stupidity as far as Covid is concerned. And I will be fully vaccinated before my son's wedding in April, so that's an additional relief to me. Arm slightly sore at the site of the injection, but my husband said that was just because of the microchip they inserted....

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  1. Hahaha. The microchip they inserted :O

  2. The sticker on your cup is interesting!

  3. Excellent list. Have a great week, and enjoy that vacuum!