Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Little Snow, A Lot Of Thankfuls

If you live around the outside edges of the US and have predictable weather you won't get this, but for those of you in the middle, here's what the last three days have been like. Wednesday, it snowed. Not a lot - only a couple of inches, which equals not enough to cancel school but enough to make the drive to work a little slippery. It started melting away on Thursday, on Friday, there was only a bit of snow in shady places, and on Saturday, we had thunderstorms and a tornado warning. January has sure been a jackass.

On with the show! It's time for this week's Ten Things of Thankful. I'm thankful for the following:

1. I took my class outside in the snow. I'm pretty sure it took us longer to get the coats, hats, and mittens on everyone than the amount of time we stayed outside, but it was totally worth it! They stomped in the snow, ate the snow, threw the snow, fell down in the snow, ate more snow, and we sang the Barney "if all the snowflakes were candy bars and milk shakes" song. It was delightful!

2. I'm thankful for an unattractive but very functional pair of snow boots I bought on clearance at Walmart probably 5 or 6 years ago.

3. And for ibuprofen PM formula, which I can only take on the weekend because it knocks me out, but ohhhh, do I sleep when I take it!

4. When tater tot casserole is on the menu at school.

5. And that tater tot casserole is only on the menu once a month, or I'd turn into a giant tater tot.

6. That I can eat ice cream any time I want, because I'm an adult. I DON'T eat ice cream any time I want, but knowing I can is empowering.

7. I'm thankful that my person, who lives 500 miles away in Nashville, and I made a joking pact that we would talk or text every single day, and we are on it!

8. On last week's TToT list, I noted that I had found an outfit to wear to my son's wedding. I had found it at Dillard's, but the only one they had was several sizes too big, so I was going to have to order it. In the store, the outfit was $108. On their website, the outfit was $66. WHAAAA??? For that price, I ordered it in two different sizes, since I wasn't positive what size would fit best. They arrived yesterday, I tried them on, chose one, and will return the other one to Dillard's later this week. Bam! Done!

9. I have had a recurrence of plantar fasciitis that started around Christmas and has been very painful (but only when I walk....). One day this week, after watching me hobble down the hallway, my boss said she could fix it for me by taping my foot. She pulled some athletic tape out of her drawer and taped my foot (it's on YouTube if you are afflicted as well). When I stood up and put weight on it, I found I was pain free! Hoping this leads to the end of the plantar fasciitis!

10. I am particularly thankful for a boss who will tape my big ol' bare foot. If you don't have that kind of boss, you're working in the wrong place! Mine is the BEST.

Some of the most mundane, daily activities can remind you of how full your life really is. Look at your week and find the thankfuls, then join us at the Ten Things of Thankful, this week and every week. And check out my friend Denise's blog hop Six Sentence Stories. I don't make it to that hop every week, although I try, but I do have an entry this week, and you can read it here. Check out SSS and the many other entries, write one of your own next week, add it to your TToT list, link it up with Denise, add it to a thankful post that you link up with us, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Because Bernie Sanders memes never get old.

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  1. What a fun song! When I was an aide in a preschool that song wasn't around, but if had been we would have been singing it! Putting on all those little coats, hats, and mittens and then helping get them all off again. . .such memories.😀
    Wish I'd known about taping for plantar fasciitis when I had it many years ago. Hope you are good as new soon. What a great boss you have!
    My husband told me about that Bernie meme, but I hadn't seen it until now!😀

    1. My littles don't know anything about Barney. Or didn't, until I came along! So many sweet songs to be sung! Putting on the hats and coats and mittens takes FOREVER. I have a huge basket of mittens. After they put on their coats, they can pick out mittens and a hat if they want one. Hats and mittens go in a bucket when they come in and I wash all of them before they are worn again. Time consuming, but necessary!
      That taping thing is a MIRACLE! I hope you don't get it again, but if you do, at least you know how to make it better!
      It was a fitting Bernie meme, since we talked about polar bears this week at school!

  2. Awww. Amending and a meme...
    Miss you!

  3. You, my friend, are the coolest kindergarten teacher any kid could have! Of course you took them out into the snow. You're a scott, lol
    Thanks for plugging the SSS! And I do love when you come over to play :D
    So I still am having difficulty with... son....getting married.... time. Where has it gone!!!
    #6? Damn straight!

    1. Can't let a great opportunity get by! I'm all about the spontaneous adventure!
      I love the SSS. It's so interesting to see the many different takes people have on the prompt!
      You think YOU'RE having trouble! He was a junior in high school when I started my blog. Where has the time gone?!
      Sometimes, I look at the premade cakes in the bakery section of the grocery store and think "I could buy one of those and eat the whole thing." And again, I don't, but I COULD.

  4. Plantar fasciitis is no fun. I had a but of it years ago. Terrible. And then...I didn't. Can't explain why. Here's hoping yours is history!

    1. That's the same thing that happened to me the last time I had it. I did stretches every time I thought about it, and one day, it was just gone. I'm hoping the taping did the trick! I'll know by next TToT!

    2. Oh, and THANK YOU for joining us this week! I hope you can fit it in often!

  5. You do work at the best place, and you teach some littles! What a joy and a challenge.

    Wonderful list, thank you so much for hosting.

    1. I sure do! Definitely a joy AND a challenge! Thanks, Mimi, and thanks for always being a part of the TToT!

  6. Is there really such a thing as tater tot casserole? My god, what I've been missing... 'cept potato products are like, filled with secret lead filling and I will put on weight like a puffer fish in a hyperbaric chamber full of Mountain Dew*
    Have a good, nearly Spring week ahead.
    (Once we get through Feb, the worst is over)

    * no, does not make sense to me either, but was fun to write

    1. I never had tater tot casserole until I came to work where I do, and I'm not going to lie: it looks like cat barf. But once you get past that, ohhhh, it's SO GOOD. Ground beef, mushrooms, some kind of magical sauce, topped with tater tots that get crispy on top and soak in the sauce on the bottom. And that's exactly why I'm glad it's not on the menu more than once a month!
      Spring is only 6 weeks awayyyyy!