Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Ocean: A Six Sentence Story

The little cottage was mostly quiet, save for the ticking of a clock, the slow creak of a rocking chair, and an occasional sleepy sigh from one of the little ones as they slept, curled up in their bed. The rocking chair stopped abruptly as the sound of caterwauling began to drift into the cottage from outside, distant at first, then growing louder and more raucous until the front door banged open and a figure staggered inside, standing precariously in the doorway before dropping to the floor onto all fours.

"Hush that racket," came a hissing from the rocking chair, "the babies are asleep, and I don't want them to see you this way. I assume you were out tomcatting again?" 

"Ahhh, Princess, you know you and the kits are my world, but it was Ocean Night at the Pussycat Club, and I couldn't resist clawing into the buffet; I didn't go anywhere near the scratching pole room, I swear," and he nuzzled her face with his, their whiskers entwining.

"Oh, Tom," she purred back, "I know that no matter what, you will always wander back home to your family," and the two of them jumped onto the bed with their three babies, and all five of them curled up together in a furry, purry jumble.

Family Portrait

Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge's Blog for Six Sentence Stories with the prompt "ocean"


  1. love the photo! love the six.

  2. Aw! Your kitties made it to the SSS! Clever use of the cue. Well done.

  3. I like his return from clawing into the buffet.

  4. Love forgives all, accepts all, and focuses on what's most important...coming back home to the wife & kitties! Cute Six!!

  5. Heeheehee! Very well done indeed!

    1. Thanks, Mimi! I thought a fellow cat person like you would enjoy it!

  6. Too cute, sis! A most fabulous feline fable(?) 😁
    Glad you joined in with a Six this week!