Sunday, January 17, 2016

Food And Frivolity And Other Thankfuls

When your Person lives 500 miles away, and you get a chance to visit, you go, or at least, I do. Besides being thankful to my family for being whiny butts gracious about me being away for a few days and for my Person's son for giving her tickets to see Madonna and for my Person for inviting me to attend the concert with her and for my boss for letting me take two days off work, here are Ten (more) Things of Thankful:

1. Road trips in general.

2. Road trips in motorized vehicles.

3. Spur of the moment stops on road trips, just because you can.

This is a levy. This is not a Chevy.

What was on the other side of the levy.

The Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville.
So. Much. Razor wire.

4. Long conversations with long distance friends that help make the time go by. Thanks, Ivy and Christine!

5. Pretty scenery (although it makes you lose cell phone reception).

6. Innovations in public bathrooms.

You can write your own caption.

7. Towns that make you appreciate the one in which you live just a little more.

It's pronounced CARE-o

There are a couple of hidden gems
in this little town, however.

8. Delicious food.

My person's son's restaurant.

French toast made with cinnamon brioche,
stuffed with apples and bourbon cream cheese
and dipped in orange custard with hot chicken
on the side, because I don't like my food to touch.

9. Way too much silly fun with old friends.

Hanging out with our friend Larry at Studio 19
at Sound Kitchen

10. Knowing you still have two more days for food and shenanigans.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. wow have fun nothing beats a weekend with a good friend's energizing - you'll be walking on air in no time.

    my family used to have a vacation home upstate NY outside a town called Cairo

    Enjoy :)

  2. oh by the way Frist ...well one this is technically second LOL!

  3. The penitentiary alarms remained quiet i take it!? What the hell is with the toilet situation there!? Have a great time with your people! Hope the whiney butts survive without you!

  4. I WONDERED what your road trip was about! I should think you would also be thankful for smiley stops, after your enormous coca-cola ;) But YAY for you spending time with your person. I cannot WAIT to spend time with mine soon, yet still not!

    The food sounds YUMMY :) Safe travel back.

  5. tho not old enough to be a primary demographic fan,
    "Everybody in the whole cell block
    Was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock

    Road Trips! one of the most enjoyable activities involving a car

  6. I love a good road trip.
    I also love the sound of innovation when it comes to public bathrooms, because of how much I dislike public bathrooms.
    That breakfast sounds delicious. Glad you are enjoying your trip.

  7. Here's my guess at the bathroom situation: one toilet is a left-handed one, and the other is a right-handed one. Either that, or it was designed by the same people who made 2-seater outhouses.

  8. What a road trip! Love that old building.

  9. I miss long conversations with good friends. A lot.
    I've seen your road trip pics go by on Facebook. Very cool. I like the levee ones - ever since the first time I heard "drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry..." many years ago I always wanted to see one. :D
    Hope your week has been good!