Monday, January 4, 2016

A Dull Rundown Of My Year-End

I didn't do a big Year End post this year. Life has me discombobulated right now, and I am not in the mood to write much, so here is the best I can do and give you a few things that happened from Christmas through New Year's:

We went to Tulsa to have Christmas with my husband's sister and her family. Best gift of the day: the deep fryer that my 16 year old nephew wanted so he could make his own french fries.  

We had french fries in the new fryer that day for lunch, but on our way home that evening, we came to the conclusion that the whole french fry production resembled Tom Sawyer and the whitewashing of the fence, as potatoes were sliced, the fryer assembled, the fries cooked and served, and we are pretty sure Eli did nothing except "supervise." Smart kid, that Eli.

My niece nearly killed us all when she decided to saute some onions and jalapenos for her hamburger (non-traditional Christmas dinner here), and the fumes from the jalapenos had everyone in the house coughing. It was like ripples in a pond; the people in the immediate vicinity of the stove (i.e., the french fry makers and supervisor) started coughing first. My daughter and I, sitting in the far end of the kitchen and facing the other direction, wondered why the others were laughing and coughing. Then the cloud of jalapeno fumes reached us and we joined in. Chemical warfare has nothing on jalapeno fumes. 

The girls in the family got glove/scarf/hat sets. I look like Gomer Pyle in a hat at best, and one that is too small for both my head and my big hair is just about the most unflattering accessory I could possibly wear. Proof:

I discovered I had put my underpants on backwards when I went to the bathroom and found the tag was situated in the front. Who does that past the age of, oh, four?

In my defense, I was wearing Victoria's Secret Cheeky Panties, and they are nearly identical, front and back. I took pictures to prove it, but I worried that they would take this post from PG-13 to R rated.

Oh, what the hell, here is a picture of them, front and back. Or back and front; I OBVIOUSLY can't tell which is which.

My son picked out and received some basketball shoes for Christmas, because he NEEDED them for the pick-up games he plays at the Y with his friends. These are not white boy shoes, and they especially are not GINGER white boy shoes, but he loves them and swears they will make him jump higher and run faster. Or, as he told my husband, they would make him jump higher and run faster than HIM, but he didn't need the shoes for that.

He says the shoes also make him shoot better.

The only cat who can figure out how to get the treats out of the little mouse treat dispenser they got for Christmas is the one who doesn't need to be eating treats. 

That same cat has an affinity for wrapping paper, especially tissue paper. When we came home from Tulsa, the trash bag with the Christmas wrapping paper trash that we left in the living room was turned over and the contents were all over the floor. For four days, that trash bag got turned over and the contents scattered on the floor, and for four days, I picked it all back up once or twice a day and put it back in the bag. 

I know you're wondering why I left a trash bag full of paper in our living room for four days, and the answer to that is because he was having such a good time that I hated to spoil his fun. After the fourth day, however, I decided I had refilled that trash bag enough and his fun was over.

I got a surprise Christmas gift in the mail from my good friend Christine. It has made me laugh and laugh at a time when I really needed to laugh!

We had several adventures when we went to the lake house for a few days, all involving water and none of them good, but those are stories for another day. 

I got all the Christmas decorations put away, with a little help.

Both kids ditched us on New Year's Eve. 

We may or may not have stayed awake until midnight.

Happy New Year!


  1. When you are pondering to blog or not to blog, as you did in your previous post, I wish to note that reading this post this noon while I ate lunch at my desk really did make me laugh out loud! I must confess that I once wore a sports bra backward on a Saturday and my husband howled when I showed him my mistake. Let's just say it doesn't quite cover all the bases adequately no matter which way I wear it, which is why it thankfully wasn't on a workday!

    I love following along with your "cat tales" too, as the mother to four furkids who lead similar lives of adventure and were allowed to play in all the Amazon gift boxes that came in over the holidays, much to their delight. We finally hauled the last ones out yesterday, except for the long tunnel like one that Sophie has decided makes a great sleeping cave as none of the others can sneak up on her. I have to try out their new treat dispensing balls tonight, I suspect that the one who will catch on most quickly will be, like yours, the one who is clearly not in need of treats! But he is very food obsessed... err I mean "motivated"! :-)

    1. Oh, Josie, thank you so much! And now I am snickering, thinking of you putting on the sports bra backwards!
      I have a cardboard box in my entry hall that has been there for ten years. TEN. YEARS. I brought it home from Sam's Club, Fletcher fell in love with it, and we've never had the heart to get rid of it. Oh, and our vet recommended FEEDING our cats with one of those ball things. She said it would help with weight control (ahem) and give them exercise. If the mouse treat dispenser is any indication, the fat one would get fatter and the meek one would starve to death and there would be much hissing and quarreling among all three of them.

  2. I'm at work and can comment, yay - not sure why I couldn't in the past... I knew you were going to say that about the trash bag in the living room...I would have done the same thing LOL wonderful year end recaps oh that calendar is hysterical - another LOL - :)

    1. I can't comment from my phone EVER.
      If there had been anything gross in that trash bag, I wouldn't have been so lenient!

  3. I can't believe you took photos of your underwear. Or that you posted them. Or that you actually wear underwear that looks the same from the front and back. :)

    As for the basketball shoes, wasn't there a movie about a boy who found magical basketball shoes that made him really good and got him into the NBA? Here's hoping...

    Perhaps if you didn't pull the hat down over your eyes...

    You are the sweetest cat mom in the world.

    1. I tried looking for a picture on the interweb, but the models wearing the underwear was way worse than just taking a picture of mine. I mostly posted it for Clark, but I don't think he's noticed it yet.
      Remember that those purple basketball shoes are in a size 15.
      That hat was so tight, I thought it was going to pinch my head clean off!
      Aww, shucks!

  4. As a life-long member of the fat headed girls club, you've got my complete sympathy on the hat issue. As for those panties, I don't think there is any difference from front to back other than the tag.

    1. Big head, big hair. Not conducive to wearing a hat.
      My husband asked me why I didn't notice the SEAM that should have been in the back, but really, it's not much of a seam.

  5. Awwwh I love that you left the bag of paper out for the cats, because they were having fun with it. You have a kind heart, Dyannedellion. And I did laugh at the "ginger white boy shoes" - I hope he has huge success with them :)

    Happy New Year, and I hope that you recombobulate soon.

    1. When a 27 pound cat frolics in a bag of paper, you just have to let him!