Thursday, September 10, 2015

Perfect: A Six Sentence Story

It was a silly conversation, really, one they had shortly after they were married as they were lying in a tangle of sheets, her head upon his chest as he lightly stroked her hair, and as their breathing slowed and their hearts returned to a normal rhythm from the heights both had reached earlier, they talked about everything and nothing.

"It would be the perfect murder," he said, laughing, after explaining his imaginary plan, "and no one would be the wiser."

"Goodness gracious," she exclaimed, drawing back slightly and looking into his face, "It's a good thing I know you well enough to know you wouldn't harm a fly!" She laid her head back on his chest and pressed her body against his as he resumed the gentle stroking of her hair until his fingers slowed and he fell asleep.

While she never dwelt on it, the memory of that long ago night flashed across her mind occasionally, and when it did, it brought a secret smile to her lips.

He was correct; it WAS perfect, and no one was the wiser.

Linking up with Ivy at Uncharted for Six Sentence Stories with the prompt "perfect."


  1. Whoa, damn! There are some seriously shady stories this week!

  2. Dyanne!!!! You are so spooky! Well written! You're getting even better at this genre...whats that about!?

    1. My husband continues to worry, especially as that is a picture of our bed.

  3. LOL I just read your response to Ivy!
    Man, you've got the "arm chair easy" style of writing down pat. Would almost think you were a roger :D
    Again, bravo! Loved it Dyanne.

  4. lol*

    * an expression of delight at a well delivered tale… nice!

  5. Very crafty, love it (and your reply to Ivy!)!!

  6. Your stories are always so ingenious, Dyanne! You should collect them and publish them or something :-) And who would know that you're a pre-school teacher :-)