Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Pills, Happy Kittens And Happy Preschoolers (That Didn't Start Out Being Happy)

This weekend is going by quickly, but that's okay THIS time, because Sunday afternoon, I will be meeting Christine and Lizzi in St. Louis! I'm very excited to meet Lizzi and to see Christine again, and, rest assured, you'll read all about it soon enough. In the meantime, I need to get my Ten Things of Thankful list written

I'm thankful that my husband and daughter didn't make a fuss when I told them I was leaving for a couple of days to spend time with someone I have never met before and who may or may not be some kind of ax murderer....

Volleyball is still not going well, but at least I got a couple of pictures of my daughter playing.

I was telling a friend at work how, the night before, I had decided to take a happy pill and not upset myself over the whole volleyball debacle, my happy pill being a bag of peanut M&Ms that I took to the game in my purse. Every time I wanted to make a snarky comment during the game, I ate an M&M. Unfortunately, the bag was empty by the time the varsity game started (shoulda bought a bigger bag, like maybe trashbag size). The next morning, I walked into the office and found a big bag of peanut M&Ms in my mailbox! Now, that's a sweet friend!

While watching a home volleyball game this week, I looked up to see the sweet face of a former preschooler, now in 5th grade, who came over just to see me. We had a very nice visit that worked better for me that ten bags of peanut M&Ms.

Ruby has taken to sprawling across the piano like a lounge singer. It makes me laugh every time I walk in the room and see her there.

One of my preschoolers in my Primary class (3 year olds) was having trouble letting go of dad (quite literally) when he came in to the classroom on Thursday morning. After prying his fingers off of dad's pant leg, I sat down in a chair (ironically, it was the Sad Chair) and held the little guy while he cried big crocodile tears. When I had finally soothed him enough that he stopped crying, I asked him if he were ready to sit at the table with the other kids and play, but he said no, he just wanted to sit with me. So we sat together, and I dried his tears and snuggled him and it was very nice.

Same day, same class, different boy, the youngest student in the class, just barely making it in before the age cut off. He has only been potty trained for a couple of weeks (the kids have to be potty trained to be in Primary, and I'm sure his mom had been sweating about that). The first two weeks, when I took him to the bathroom at Mandatory Potty Time, right after snack, he would just wail and cry and say he didn't have to go, and I was fearful of a long, long year of this. On Thursday, the urinal caught his eye and he wanted to know what it was. I told him it was for big boys and grown up men to use to go pee pee, and he decided he'd like to give it a try. So, having no experience ever using one, I taught him how. We were both pretty excited about it, not going to lie.

Chicken pictures, texted to me out of the blue and usually including funny captions.

New Snapchat filters that kept me entertained for far too long.

The first glimmers that fall is just around the corner.

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  1. Miss Kitty has discovered that the big window (I tried to keep the four footed ones in the dark, it's really a patio door) opens and closes. Now she does a great impersonation of the barrel-of-monkeys monkey on my window screen when she wants in. Usually just I'm nodding off. She is a witch, no doubt about it.

    Inquiring minds need to know - Is that Doug dreaming of chickens?

    1. Doug was chasing daisy dillon around the yard and pooped himself out.... He has big dreams!

  2. Have a blast meeting the "ax murderer"?????? Really? and say hi to Christine. Love your preschool stories, and Ruby the lounge singer. So funny. Have a great time in St. Louis.

  3. Fabulous Baker Brothers…. (sorry… your photo, my visual lol)
    at least you didn't combine the two and start throwing M&Ms at the court or the refs

  4. so I go and check out past comments.. to see the replies ...i thought i commented on your blog last week, but i think I wanted to then thought I will at a later and never did however this morning for a second I was convinced.
    I swear I think i'm getting forgetful... so I'm leaving a comment now.

    too bad for volley i hope that works out... my happy pill is m&m's i prefer plain but I do partake in the peanuts occasionally and play a game what are the different ways to eat a peanut M&M ha

    ruby made me giggle and I pictured her belting out memories from cats...or don't rain on my parade

    I don't know what snapchat is but it looks fun and silly...

    have a great week
    enjoy the meet and greet...
    post pics

  5. Those little boys are lucky to have your loving, nurturing presence around. I hope the volleyball starts looking up.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Snapchat photo is fabulous! lol Of course you have rainbow colors coming out of your mouth Dyanne! But I think I like the "crazy" eyes best :D

    Peanut M&Ms and water chaser. That's the ticket. I have absolutely no control. Huge bags have been known to disappear around me. Good for you for making a bag last until end of the game.

    Safe travels and have fun!

  7. Ooh, chocolate makes everything better, but so does time spent with a child.
    Hope you're having fun meeting Lizzi.

  8. Boy, did your snapchat filter make my day. Throwing up rainbows surely does beat so many other things.

  9. Hah! Me too, the rainbows! Only you ! xox jean

  10. I burst out laughing when I read that Ruby was like a lounge singer stretched out on the piano. Also, good choice of happy pills!

    Lorrie at

  11. I love your color-coordinated cat. An ornamental feline. Great preschooler stories.

  12. I absolutely love helping Leo pee standing up. I so wish I could, and I feel a little shared pride when he's successful. Especially outside. He needs someone to kind of knee his rear so he stick outs his pelvis and doesn't pee on his shoes. This is as close as I'll ever get,.

  13. I hope you had a great time with Christine and Lizzi--I'm sure you must have!
    Ruby has grown up so much! Either that, or you have a super small piano!