Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's About Time I Was Thankful For This!

Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year, but the Ten Things of Thankful goes on! 

After a trip to my brother's home for Thanksgiving (yes, you will hear more about it; no, not today), I'm home and ready to be thankful for:

1. Blog friends. I hate to name names, because I'll leave someone out, but here are a few bloggers who have been incredibly supportive of me, and I think you should go visit them, if you haven't already:

        Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0

        Andrea @ Underachiever's Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess
        Wendy @ Wendy Nielsen: Writing A New Story 

2. More blog friends. Here is a partial list (PARTIAL, people) of bloggers who have become more than just someone whose blog I read regularly; they truly are my friends:

        Christine @ A Fly On Our (Chicken Coop) Wall

        Lizzi @ Considerings

3. Even MORE blog friends. These are the ones I love to read, mostly because they make me laugh my head off:

        Amy @ Banana Wheels

        Synnove @ Don't Chew On The Dinner Table
        Ashley @ Sorry, Kid, Your Mom Doesn't Play Well With Others
        Beth @ Writer B Is Me
        Zoe @ Rewritten
        Vanessa @ My Half-Assed Life
        Kristi @ Finding Ninee

4. And blog friends who are just the NICEST people, in their writing, in their comments:

       Kari @ Miss Bloggypants

       Kris @ Mrs. Always Random and Usually Shallow
       Diane @ Our Adventures With Riley (we are also SISTAHS)
       Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly
       Natalia @ Sophia's Unique World
       Lisa @ The Meaning Of Me
       Sandy @ Mother of Imperfection
5. And the blog friends who provide the Y chromosome for my blogging life:

       Jak @ The Cryton Chronicles

       Clark @ The Wakefield Doctrine

6. And because I KNOW I'm leaving people off my list, I'm thankful for EVERYONE ELSE in my bloggy world. EVERYONE! Write your name right here: _____________________

7. I cannot BEGIN (and did you know if you mess up typing "begin" you get "being"? Just wondered.) to list all my IRL friends who have supported my little blogging efforts, especially those ones who never fail to read the posts and comment via Facebook (that would be YOU Ruth M., Kristin P., Lisa B., Lagena and Cynthia). 

8. My family has to go on this list. They are remarkably tolerant of me exposing them to the blog world. And they give me SUCH GREAT MATERIAL.

My kids call it "blogging orphan syndrome."

My son says, "If you say something, she'll blog the damn thing."

Adds my husband, "If I say anything, she slowly picks up her phone, looks at me, and takes notes."

That's right, dear family. You are always a potential topic.

9. I'm thankful for the Notes feature on my phone, because it allows me to capture things like this:

From my 14 year old daughter:

"I like to lay on my hands when I'm on my stomach and look like a whale. Is it working?" 
  (Ed. note: only if a whale is 5'3", 100 lbs., and blonde. So, no.)

"Past Me would be so proud of present Me."

"I don't have a forehead. I have a fivehead!" 
   (Said while lamenting that she has what she feels is a high forehead.)

Daughter (complaining about her brother): He's been using my shampoo and conditioner and I'm almost out! 
Me: Why? He has his own shampoo.
Daughter: I know, but he says he likes to use mine sometimes.
Me: Well, SOMEBODY has been using my Philosophy soap in the shower and has added water to it thinking I wouldn't notice.
Daughter: Well, why don't you ask HIM? He likes using girl stuff. Maybe he needs some tampons. 

And there's this little gem between my husband and son:

Husband (trying to talk to son through bathroom door): I can't hear a thing you're saying in there when you have the door locked.
(sound of doorknob rattling)
Son: There. It's unlocked. Can you hear me now?

And these quotes from my husband: 

"When do you stop eating? When your left arm gets numb?"

(After telling him I saw a coyote while driving home from the store): "I don't know if I would recognize a coyote unless he was carrying a suitcase with 'Acme' on the side."

"I think the secret to a successful marriage is not having things in common but hating the same things."

10. I'm grateful for Ruby. She is so helpful in everything I do, especially writing.

Link up, peoples. 

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    In SPITE of the Potato Farmer thing! WHOOT! *hi-fives*

    Also, your family are hilarious. Thank you for taking such careful notes :D

    1. There's always a place on my list for potato farmers! (Which my husband insists you are because you don't eat beans and toast for breakfast.)

      I will ALWAYS take careful notes. MWAHAHAHAA!

    2. *scritches head* How does that make me a Potato Farmer? Or old and male and creepy? Or from Idaho? Or does the beans on toast thing just make me a Potato Farmer and the other two follow on from there?

      Or is it, that in NOT eating beans on toast for breakfast, I clearly *can't* be English, ergo MUST be a Potato Farmer from Idaho (with my own white van with blacked out windows and a kitten and some candy inside (and a bottle marked 'chloroform'...and a rag))?

    3. Yes, the latter! And when I told him I never, ever heard you use the phrase "watching the telly" to describe watching tv.

    4. Well I wouldn't, would I - I don't HAVE a telly, so it never cropped up in conversation!

      *sigh* I am on a losing streak here! I might just have to get back in my van and park outside your house every so often so he knows he has competition ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank YOU, Jenn.

      I very nearly mailed Ruby to you last night. She was ape shit crazy after having been left home for three days without me.

  3. Whoo-hoooo Sistah!!! *Chest pump* Thank you!!! :D

  4. Wonderful shout outs to friends who truly are there when we need them. A happy thanksgiving, Dyanne!

  5. your family aware that people only say those things in sitcoms? If they want to NOT be bloggable they need to stop providing such fodder!

  6. Thank you loads for including me on such a great list! Hooray for blog friends. Hope you had a fabulous holiday! gobble gobble

  7. excellent #9
    thank you for the 'shout out'…. (which you can easily visualizing me doing, no doubt)
    having so much input and inspiration and cats how can you go wrong?

    (just finishing my Commenting jag… coherency is due to return later today…lol)

    1. My family feeds me great lines. They also complain when they're in the blog and complain when they aren' t.

  8. This was hilarious! I especially loved the doorknob-unlocking comment. HAHA. It sounds like lots of wonderful fun at your house. :)

  9. Thanks Dyanne for lightening my day - brought big smiles to my face:)
    So tell me, has Ruby established herself as Alpha Cat yet? lol

    1. She's working on it, and the current Alpha cat is none too happy.

  10. Thanks for the are so sweet too. And I'd be your friend too if you'd let me; I am fully-aware that this comment makes me sound totally desperate (and maybe I am) but I have always wanted to be in with the ":cool kids"...why do you think I name drop "Christine" so often?!?

    This list did make me laugh the sibling stuff. We get that an Only I do not totally get it, but my husband assures me it's normal...ok? Sounds a little hurtful and hateful to me, but what do I know?

    1. I not cool? Or not your friend?

      Ohmigosh...I'm so not cool! *has crisis of confidence*


    3. Yes, Kris, I will be your friend. Playdate soon? Oooo, sleepover!

      My kids are trying to kill each other one minute, then snuggled up together on the couch watching Netflix the next.

    4. Yes, yes Lizzi you are one of the cool kids for sure...and Kari too (as I'm certain to have offended her as many of you to offend so little time!)

      And Dyanne...yes playdate or sleepover; you choose. I already know I'll be the first one asleep so I'll be sure to wear my bra lest you try to put it in the freezer. I'm wise to your games...

    5. But we're friends, right?'re TOTALLY friends with the cool kids. And if nothing else, Christine's post today should cement that in your brain :D

      Kari's WAY COOL! Much cooler than me (and she has the dorky pic of me to prove it...heeeeyyy Kari - be nice...)

    6. SLEEPOVER AT MY HOUSE! Someone bring a Ouija board!

  11. Your family is just as funny as you are!! I don't know which is my favorite...the locked door...the coyote...past me being proud...such great material for you!

    I'm so glad I found you way back when you wouldn't even put up the followers linky-do thing because you didn't want to look lame with only 5 followers. How far you've come! Thanks, Friend, for being my friend.

    1. I haven't progressed very far from my original 5, but wouldn't have gotten this far if you hadn't made me put my blog roll on there.

      I wondered if anyone else would get the "Acme" reference!

  12. Hi Dyanne! I'm finally back home and very late to this party (missed it very much!) but wanted to jump by and say thank you for the sweet shout out! I adore that I made your list of bloggers that make you laugh...biggest compliment ever! Thanks! And I have some great blogs to check out since quite a few on your lists are new to me!
    Great conversations with your guys are a lot of fun to be around I can tell, LOL!
    Okay, gotta run. It's late and I'm TRYING to get a post ready for tomorrow. xoxo

    1. So happy to include you, funny lady! And do make sure you check out Amy at Banana Wheels. You will laugh till you cry.

    2. Oh I know Mrs. Banana Wheels and LOVE HER! I think she and I are cut from the same loon bird cloth. :) She is the type of crazy I adore. I stalk her.

  13. I'm laughing my @ss off at the conversations that take place in your house. Can I come over for dinner please? I can eat until my arm is numb!! Thank you so much for the super-cool shout-out, too, friend. You're awesome for including me. I mean, you're awesome anyway but well, you know...

    1. Please come over. Hopefully, no one will be on good behavior and will be their normal selves!

  14. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! Convos like that sound like mine!!!! My son's favorite expression, "Please - oh crap - you're going to blog this aren't you - please don't." My daughters are awesome at getting my phone for pictures for blog fodder and my husband has even started saying, "Say - you should blog about that...."

    I LOVE that you named your favorites - what an amazing list!!!

    Have a fabulous day!!!

    1. My family says the exact same things! Even when I say something embarrassing about them, they love to be included. Or hate to be left out. Don't know which, sometimes!

  15. So I lurrrrrrve how all your 'merican friends get invited over. And your Billy-no-mates English friend gets left out in the cold. I mean, I know it's not *makes quotation marks in the air* PRACTICAL...but you could ASK.

    Unless it's the Potato Farmer thing...

    ...I guess it could be that.

    I promise you I'm really English. And in England, and a girl. And 30. And not outside your house in a van...

    1. You can come over, too, Lizzi. Just leave that creepy panel van in the UK.

  16. In Dyanne's defense, I think they invited themselves over! Of course I'm just sucking up in hopes of an invite.

    1. Zoe, can I come over to YOUR house? *sadface*

    2. Open invitation to the sleepover is above! You can bring Mystery Date for us to play.

      And I want to go to your house, too, Zoe. It's a BARN!

    3. you know with a barn the door is ALWAYS open...HA...crack myself up! C'mon over! Ooh Bring Mystery Date and I will make snacks and margueritas!

  17. I know I am late to the party.... Nevertheless I love your list! You mentioned so many awesome bloggers!

    I had to laugh at the things you wrote about your family! Very funny! :-)

    1. Thanks, Joy! My family is a great source of entertainment.

  18. Ok, so I am FINALLY making the rounds to check out other people's TToT.. and....awww...THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I am so happy to make the list! Truly...truly I feel honored.

    You are too sweet! I'm so glad to have met you!

    1. You're so welcome! TToT has led to so many wonderful friendships!

  19. Aaaaaand...I'm later than everybody because I died over the weekend. But I've come back to life and imagine my surprise to see me on your bloggy list. Whee! Thanks so much, Dyanne - I can't tell you how much I love your blog - and you, of course - and all the wonderful people I also know who you mentioned. :) I don't know if I can hang with those cool kids like Lizzi and all, though...I am vastly un-cool.

    Thanks again for the very sweet mention!

    1. 1. You are NOT un-cool.
      2. Glad you are back with the living!