Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two In One Weekend - That's TWENTY Things of Thankful!

I'm not one of those overachievers **cough cough Zoe, Lizzi and Clark cough cough** who make two TToT posts in the same weekend, but I feel compelled to do so this time, because I am so thankful for....

1. The spammers (mostly Russian, if you are to believe Blogger stats) who make my blog numbers skyrocket on occasion, like today. I am most appreciative of the ones from the porn sites. So nice of them to take the time to screw with my stats (no pun intended).

2. Comments from said spammers, which fortunately get sent to my in-box for approval (not!) and don't appear on my blog. Here's an example that I received today, from my good friend Anonymous:

        The following time I learn a blog, I hope that it
        doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I imply,
        I know it was my option to read, however I really
        thought youd have something fascinating to say.
        All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing
        that you may repair if you werent too busy searching
        for attention.

You call me a whiner and attention seeker, then beg me to visit your porn site? Oh, Anonymous, sweetie, just not going to happen for you and me.

3. I'm also appreciative of the service provided by Blogger stats that lets me know what keywords were used in a search that lead someone to my blog. Foot fetish comes up often, as does how to convert 238 g. of Miralax to ounces. Many referring to boobs and nipples, which isn't entirely surprising. Cute mice, which I believe I established they aren't on this post and on this one

4. More blog friends who make me happy:

          The Kates:

          Kate @ Another Clean Slate
          Katy @ The Night Owl
          Kate @ Daily Discovery

          Josie @ Two Shoes in Texas
          Joy @ I Can Say Mama
          Kristi @ Thankful Me
          Michelle @ Muses From The Deep
          Lizzy @ The Muddle-Headed Mama (I'm planning to go live with her)
          Joell @ Red Van Ramblings
5. Blog comments. I admit it, I'm a comment whore. So don't disappoint me.

6. Christmas decorations! I'm telling myself it's always darkest right before dawn, because my downstairs could not be a much bigger disaster right now, but in a day or two, I'll have it put together and be able to sit back and enjoy how Christmas-y it is.

7. While we do not have complete harmony at our house, we have a little more tolerance between the kitty boys and Ruby.

This, my friends, is progress!

8. Homemade fudge.

9. I had another Pinterest WIN today. Wanna see?

Pinterest pin

My door. It looks better in person
than it does in this picture. Come
over and see for yourself!

10. Can't have a TToT without a picture of Ruby. So, SO thankful that she helped me with the Christmas tree this morning. SO thankful....

You've got a few more hours to post your Ten Things of Thankful. Come on, you can do it!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. I'm so honored to be on your blog friends list!

    Your door looks great. I love the decor, but I also love the shape of the door.

    I get Russian visitors sometimes, but never great comments like that! LOL

    1. I'm honored to have you as a blog friend, Kristi!

      The house is about 90 years old. I hope the door never falls apart.

      The Russians need to re-think their marketing strategies.

  2. Ahhhh shurrup ;) Just glad you've finally managed to get your act together to join us in the twosie club ;)

    Glad you had Ten more Things though, even if one of them was dear Anonymous and his whining (really? You get the worst spam comments! Mine are always inoccuous and just irritating - yours are mean!)

    And yeah, you'll untangle that mess and it'll all be fine. Give it til Friday and you'll be sorted.

    1. Whatever did I do to anger the Russian porn industry?

      You saw the mess I made out of raffia.

    2. I'm not sure you angered them so much as teased them with ONE bathtub shot and then never made good...

      *giggling* yeaaaaah okay, but hey, I'm trying to be supportive ;)

  3. Do you mean to say that my Russian stats are spam too?!?

  4. Hahaha!! I get spam comments, too, but never hate comments. That is hilarious!

    It took me a minute to figure out that three cat photo. Partly because, holy fat cat! And the way everyone is laying, I had a hard time even seeing the fact they were cats. Oh, I just love that little Ruby.

    Nice work on the door!

    And why are your links all jumbled up in a different order than mine?

    1. 1. Don't piss off the Russians.
      2. Shhh! Pete's a little sensitive about his weight.
      3. Thank you! It turned out better than I hoped.
      4. Because I probably did it wrong.

    2. hey! she's right!! what happened to the nice orderly…er order of the links?!? mine is different… ah, the effects of russian porn sites! disheveled, tee shirt-on-backwards, reversed order of the other links… have seen this before… lol

  5. so… about the photo in number 10 what are you using to keep the little hooky thing attached to Ruby? a little duct tape? a dab of super glue, you could be starting a trend! excessively cute and living Christmas tree ornaments.

    1. Cute, Clark. She actually doesn't hold still long enough to put a hook on her.

  6. Love the door!

    Don't tell pete but he is like a pillow with a head!

    Zoe used to get the run of our tree before and after removal of decorations....she was our bird.

    I never got hate spam mail are so cool! You'd think with all the breast talk you'd be fairly high on the porn industry favorite blogger list....

    1. Pete looks quite a bit like a Pillow Pet. Fletcher isn't too far behind.

      I feel very special to receive hate mail from the spammers. I'm more troubled by the freaks with foot fetishes who search and find my site.

  7. As others have already said, it's an honour to be included in your Blog list of friends - I feel definitely loved now, so {{{{Dyanne}}}}

    I have decided you've had Ruby for long enough, though, and now it's my turn to look after that gorgeous cutie-pie - I promise to give her back . . . . . sometime!

    I adore the pic of your 3 fur babies, and think it's quite significant that Ruby is facing the boys - she knows she's adorable, and she'll wear them down in no time flat! Lol

    1. Aww, Katy, it's an honor to be YOUR friend! Hope things are going better for you this week.

      You can have Ruby, I guess, but you'll have to come and get her! Okay, not really. You can't have her. But feel free to come and visit her!

  8. I never even made the TToT this weekend because of my five days of death. So thanks for doing two. :)

    OK...let's see.

    Re the spam comments. I am SO glad to know other people get these ridiculous comments. I've been collecting a file of them to put in a post. They are awful and wonderfully entertaining at the same time. I get so many comments some days...and I get really excited that I have all these comments because I also love comments...and then I am just so disappointed that it's only spam and not real people. Boo hoo hoo.

    I need to come to your house and see the door in person because I just got done telling the Fab Hub that I want to do our outside door like that. But I am not that good at crafty and cute things so I need help in that department.

    Also, I love that you call the cats kitty boys - we do that, too! Perhaps these things are universal to cat owners. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out - seven years later - how I even HAVE cats considering that I am a lifelong cat hater. Really.

    1. 5 days of death sounds gruesome, and I'm glad to take one for the team and do two posts just for you :)

      Isn't it disappointing to see you got 100 pageviews, and then look at your stats and 95 of them are spam? DON'T THESE PEOPLE HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO?

      Go to Walmart Christmas section. Buy pre-lit garland long enough to go over your door (mine is 18'). Go to the holiday ribbon display and buy same amount of garland-y ribbon. Hang garland over door as best you can with the minimum of effort and holes in the woodwork (I used thumbtacks everywhere except the top, where I actually used a small finishing nail). Plug in. Done.

      I called them "kitty boys" even before we added a baby girl. I'm glad you came over to the cat side - we have purrs here!

  9. Yum!! FUdge! mmmm... I sure wished I had some right now...

    Our kitties never scampered up the trees, I always worried that they would. Then, we got Henry (which I have written about his need to pee ---indoors!) and I have always been worried he would think the tree seemed logical to pee on far, he hasn't (just everything else!)

    Ok, so the Russians. I haven't actually gotten comments, but my "stats-audience" always says Russia, so ...yeah, I thought it was weird. Also, I don't trust Blogger stats either... Ok, and so what Blogger service are you referring to that gives you the most frequently used keywords used to find your site. I have so much to learn... (all that said, that Russian comment is kind of hilarious)

    1. I need to read about Henry. Someone (4-legged) at my house occasionally pees where he shouldn't, but I'm not 100% sure which of the two big boys it is.

      I agree that I don't think Blogger stats are terribly accurate. Search Keywords showsup under Referring URLs and Referring Sites.

  10. Either the kitty boys are huge or Ruby is just so tiny! I love her. I also love that door! How clever to decorate the inside of it where you can enjoy! uGh spammers. I'm having a major issue right now. About 3 months ago I had work done to my site and I thought I had been doing all the right things and that finally my blog is taking off until I looked at my stats. I get about 4 x as many hits from China.... it makes me sad that I'm not as sought after as I thought. No porn though.

    1. A little of both, Kerry; one boy is 25 lbs., the other is 15 lbs. And she is right at 2 lbs.

      I find the spammer thing infuriating and can't understand why Blogger can't stop the spamming, but my brain has a very tiny portion allotted to all things technical, so if there's a logical reason why they can't, I would never be able to understand why or why not.

      Writing about boobs is probably how I attract porn spam. Maybe....