Monday, November 25, 2013

November Pinterest Challenge: Preschool Edition

When I accepted the Pinterest challenge from Anna Hartman from In The Next 30 Days and Wendy Nielsen from Wendy Nielsen - Writing A New Story, I couldn't leave well enough alone with just doing a recipe challenge. 

All those preschool ideas I've been pinning? Yep, did a few of those, too. 

I needed a bulletin board idea for November for my primary class, which is composed of 11 three year olds who are turning four over the course of the school year. This is the idea I got from Pinterest:

My version, using the little hands in my class:

I LOVE this! I will say it was challenging to make handprints (let's remember we are painting hands on 3 year old kiddos - loose cannons at best) in the middle of the tree. I literally picked up a couple of them and held them by the waist with one arm while guiding their painty hand with the other. (Never EVER inwardly scoff again when you hear someone is a preschool teacher, thinking they've got it E-A-S-Y.)

Next, we made Indian corn. This is what I saw on Pinterest:

And this is what we made:

Look at her sweet finger!
The Pinterest link showed a child using
the end of a pencil to do this, but I
say go big or go home.



Time for a pre-k project. This class meets three mornings a week and is made up of 16 four year olds. Our Pinterest project was chosen to replace the same old, tired, turkey handprint project we've been doing for years and using for a placemat for our Thanksgiving feast.

This is what I found on Pinterest:
Pinterest won't take me to the site, saying it
looks spammy, so, there you go.
Consider yourself warned.

And this is our finished product:


And now, for a little Pinterest Challenge of my own, I am posting a picture the primary class made of the Mayflower. I got the idea from a Mailbox magazine, but instead of cutting out a handprint for the hull of the ship, I continued my theme of torturing my assistant teacher and, yes, painted their hands, because that's the way I roll:

Now to see how many re-pins I get....


  1. Awesome...I love those. When I taught preschool, I was always a sucker for fingerprint and handprint crafts, but I didn't have an I subjected myself to the insanity. Thank God for washable paint and baby wipes...we went through a lot of both of them!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. I love using their little hands and feet for projects! And yes, I am spoiled by having an assistant (thank you, Safe Sanctuaries!). We go through a LOT of baby wipes.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwh the little red indian hand is SO CUTE! :D Love it.

    The one I always struggled so much more with (yeah, been there, done that on the holding the kid upside down to do the print...) was footprints. Because then you have 7 kids bored and waiting and one kid figetty and covered in paint and trying to walk as you try to bathe and dry their feet afterwards...ACK! I do not miss it AT ALL :D

    1. We're doing a footprint with paint in January. Guaranteed that that is the day every girl will wear tights.

  3. How awesome, Dyanne!! I may well steal some to do with the girls. Violet made hand-print lanterns in kindergarten, they were SO cute. I may post some pictures at some point ;-)

  4. What cute ideas! My favourite is the tree; the finished product looks fantastic. I think your very brave painting little people's hands, but the kids would have loved it :)

    1. It does take a certain amount of bravery to paint hands. The trick is you never, EVER, let go of their wrist :)

  5. Awesome! I'm still trying to get into pinterest, but it has definitely saved me a few times when I needed a craft or visual idea. =)

    1. It took me awhile to get the hang of Pinterest. Made no sense to me whatsoever. I use it a lot now, especially for recipes and preschool ideas.

  6. Adorable ideas! Happily pinning right now!
    And bless your heart for being a preschool teacher!!! xo

    1. Thank you so much! I love the way they turned out! And this class of 3 year olds is really easy to experiment on.