Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The End Of The (Reconstruction) Line

A bittersweet day - it was my last follow-up visit with my plastic surgeon.

One last time to put on the haute couture gown that is big enough to go around me three times. 

Do I look like I'm dying from
a sinus infection? Because I am.

One last time for Dr. Geter to look at his handiwork like a proud papa (he SHOULD be proud - they're AWESOME!).

One last time to visit and laugh with the office staff, all of whom made me feel special every time I was there, with a special shout out to Suzanne, the Tattoo Guru for making tattooing too much fun.

One last bear hug from Dr. Geter.

One little tear as I walk to my car.

One more step towards recovery.

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