Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday, At Last!

Anticipated outcome.

Instructions for a successful Tattoo Tuesday:

First, bake and decorate boobie cookies for the staff at the plastic surgeon's office, making sure to include details such as surgical scars. (Not expected? Dr. Geter taking the plate of cookies and parading them around the entire office for everyone to see.)

Daughter eating Skittles
in the car on the way
(or was it spilling Skittles?)

Then, take your daughter out of school and make it a Girls Day, on the condition that she also be the staff photographer, not realizing until too late that she took all the pictures from her perch on the doctor's roll-y chair, making them all at a very unflattering upward angle.

Goof around a little (okay, a lot) while waiting for things to get underway.

Be sure Suzanne the Tattoo Guru shoots your nippular area up with some kind of numbing agent, at which time you find out that there are SOME nerves still functioning in the area, contrary to anything that liar Dr. Bumberry might tell you.

Very long needle. VERRRRRY.


After picking out the new nipple color from a chart (by comparing "before" shots taken on a cell phone and even considering the cookie icing as a possibility), Suzanne can go to work.

The Guru at work.

Hey, guess what? Tattoos BLEED. 

Having way too much fun
for a surgical procedure.

Make good use out of the boobie crown you received at your Ta Ta party.

And above all else, make sure you pose with the man who sculpted your AMAZING BOOBIES and gave you an AWESOMELY FLAT STOMACH!

Thank you, Suzanne, for a laughter-filled experience!


  1. funny post . i like the line Hey, guess what? tattoos BLEED. very well written.blog is really col

    1. Thank you! Yeah, who knew they bleed? Obviously, not me. I call this my gateway tattoo. Who knows where it will lead?!