Friday, October 12, 2012

Randomly Rambling

Time for another installment of random ramblings....

"Shades Of Grey" is probably the stupidest, most poorly written book I have ever read.

The main character in "Shades" refers to her lady bits as her "sex."

Honey Boo Boo Child's mama refers to lady bits as a "biscuit."

I have more respect for someone using of the word "biscuit" to describe lady bits than for the one using the word "sex" to do so.

Don't judge me for using the phrase, "lady bits."

My person is moving away and I don't know what I'm going to do without her.

She's my person....

Yes, it's a "Grey's Anatomy" reference, from the early years of the show, when it was reallllly good.

Hopefully, it won't ever come to this.

Hot flashes make my hair curlier.

Cats don't understand that a hot flash means GET OFF OF ME.

Insomnia sucks. Insomnia peppered with hot flashes sucks worse.

My husband says that being in the same bed with me after a hot flash is like "sleeping with an eel."

Zoladex injections cost about $1400. Each. One a month for the next five years.

Sometimes, the most challenging preschool student becomes the most endearing one.

But not always.

My family is threatening to put, "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" on my headstone.

I'm still creeped out by the number of blog hits that I get from the pictures of my feet in the bathtub.

If you search for "flash your boobies" under Google Images, you will get my photo on page 2, but I am not, I assure you, flashing my boobies in it.

Perhaps I could make it to page one if I DID flash them. Something to think about....

With or without a tram flap incision, I don't think anyone can really be prepared for an amorous 24 pound cat to land on your stomach.

I have room in my lap for one 24 pound cat or one laptop. Not both.

Actually, I really don't have enough lap for the 24 pound cat at all, but just try telling HIM that when he has his mind made up to lie there.

Okay, I'm done, for now....


  1. Charlie thinks I will make money on my blog if I pose nude in it. I think that might possibly hurt my standing on the school board.


  2. First and foremost, I would be flattered that he thought you could make money posing nude. Very flattered.

  3. I love your cat very very much. Large cats make me happy.

    Once, during one of the most awful periods of my life, my person was 3 states away. We talked 2 times a day on the phone...we just made it work. Thankfully, between computers and cellphones, your person will only be a click away.

    I have vowed not to look at my search keywords anymore as I cannot handle them. Kudos for being a page 2 boobie search - you have arrived, my friend.

    Cheers and love,

    1. Thank you, DG! If I make it to page 1 on the boobie search, I will let you know. xxxooo