Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feeling Groovy

Follow up appointment with my general surgeon this morning. Awesome appointment because they didn't weigh me. Oh, and I once again got to drool over Dr. Bumberry's beautiful auburn hair. In fact, on my way to the exam room, I passed behind him as he sat at a computer and wondered briefly what he would do if I reached over and ran my hands through his hair a few times. Fortunately, it was a fleeting thought.

Rockin' the paper gown.

Our visit was brief (damn it!) and mostly consisted of him doing a breast exam. He noted that I had had my nipple reconstruction surgery but not gotten my tattoos yet (something which really doesn't take a trained eye to notice). I told him I was getting them next week and that I had TRIED to get them done a month before, but I wasn't ready yet. He smiled reassuringly, asking, "Did you need to have some time to talk yourself into it?" Are you KIDDING?  What kind of sissy does he think I am? I said, "No, no, my NIPPLES weren't ready yet, not me! I want it DONE." 

My timing may not have been great, now that I think about it, but while he was examining me I said, "Aren't they awesome? I show them to anyone who asks!" He made a non-committal sound and just kept on with what he was doing. It is really an odd sensation to have someone fingering your grrrrls and not be able to feel anything but pressure, which I mentioned. He said by about a year post-surgery, I will probably regain some feeling in the peripheral areas, but the nipples, "Nah, those were completely disconnected." Sigh.

Since I have no mammos to gram, he said I would need to continue to do self-examinations and if anything is found, then I would need either an MRI or a CAT scan. But otherwise, no diagnostic testing would be necessary. Yeehaw! If I NEVER have to be poked into that MRI tube again, I will die happy.

Before I visited Dr. Bumberry, I dropped by the plastic surgeon's office to see if Suzanne the Tattoo Guru could give my nipples a little look-see to make sure I would be ready for next week's tattoo appointment. She gave them a quick check and determined that we would be good to go. Tattoo Tuesday is on!  She also told me she couldn't access my blog through the Mercy system (probably because I say fuck sometimes), and they have begged the IT department to unblock it, but so far, no luck. 

Followed up with a little retail therapy, making for a boobaliciously good day, all thing considered. 


  1. "Aren't they awesome? I show them to anyone who asks!" Haha! It seems that you’re indeed very happy about your breast construction. Good for you! :) Also, just a reminder, as advised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, after 3 years of your breast being augmented, it would be best to get an MRI to make sure that the implants are still in condition. Anyway, good luck on your tattoo appointment!

    Judith Arends

    1. Yeah, my little bubble was burst two days later, when my oncologist told me that, from a monitoring position, I was going to need an MRI at my one year anniversary as a baseline. So into the tube I will go, like it or not :) Thank you for reading my little blog!