Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yardwork Sucks. I Quit.

Oncologist visit this week. I am a very dull patient. No particular problems. Weepiness is much better (WITHOUT needing any additional meds - take THAT!). I think that my PVC's bother him a little (he will have to get in line behind my dear recovery room nurse Michelle on that one). Zoladex injection given by the lovely Lauren. Rewarded myself with a Choco-roco Concrete from Andy's Frozen Custard.

Currently, I'm telling myself that I don't have aching joints. It's my imagination. And spending HOURS today standing on a ladder and cleaning out the gutters on the carport would make ANYONE achy, right? RIGHT? (On a side note, I NEVER would have gotten involved with the gutter thing if I had known it would be such an ordeal.)

The husband and son were in the backyard, burning old branches and such, and they decided hot dogs and s'mores would be PERFECT, meaning I had to go to the store, spattered with the composted pine needle crap I had pulled out of the gutter, twigs in my hair, and dirt under my fingernails. And I STILL looked better than most of the others in Walmart on a Saturday afternoon.  I picked up some mums while I was there, since the hellish weather of the past two summers killed all the ones I had nurtured for the past 14 years (by the way, I HATE gardening, so the demise of my mums was heartbreaking, since I got no enjoyment from the nurturing but found it to be a necessary evil to get pretty blooms in the fall).

When I got home, I started digging a hole for the mums and OWWWWEEEEEEE! My tummy felt as if it were being un-tucked (it wasn't - I looked).  Since no one in my family seemed terribly concerned about me balancing on a ladder earlier, endlessly cleaning out gutters, I didn't figure I'd get any help (or sympathy) for my hole-digging efforts, so I carried on and dug the holes myself and planted my mums (forever the Little Red Hen). 

 A soaky bubble bath later, and my hands and feet still ache, as do my neck and shoulders. (I also have so many scratches on my arms from wrestling with the WORTHLESS gutter guard that I look like I came out on the wrong end of a fight with a badger.) Add that to the knee that was already a little achy today, and I think I'm ready for an Aleve (or two) and bed, where I will attempt to Think it all away. Wish me luck....

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