Sunday, January 28, 2024

January Has A Happy Ending And Other Thankfuls

When last we met, I was lamenting how January was NEVER going to end. It still hasn't, but we are down to THREE MORE DAYS, and I think maybe I'll make it, although it's been hit or miss how I felt on any day. And this leads me to Ten Things of Thankful:

We had freezing rain on Sunday night and Monday morning, so school was canceled for Monday. This marks the fourth four day week of the new year OUT OF FOUR WEEKS. There's a thankful for you!

I'm taking my dad to a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so you know what that means? ANOTHER FOUR DAY WORK WEEK FOR MEEEEEE!!!

There has been rain, mixed precipitation, drizzle, fog, freezing fog, freezing rain, snow, sleet, sub-zero temperatures and wind chills, dangerously gusty winds, and little to NO SUNSHINE for those four weeks. That's the payback for getting days off, I suppose. But the sun came out this afternoon, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was a beautiful sight!

I'm still working on the 1000 piece Frida Kahlo puzzle that I began two weeks ago. I have maybe half of it done and am hoping I still have all the pieces to finish it, as I found out Nora likes to smack the table with her foot and watch pieces fall to the floor. I anticipate needing maybe two-three more snow days to find all the pieces and get it done.

I didn't spend my ENTIRE snow day this week watching documentaries and working on a jigsaw puzzle; I learned how to make homemade soft pretzels! It's really not very hard and TOTALLY worth it.

Ta daaaa! AND with homemade cheese sauce.

Walmart had 100% cotton flannel sheet sets on sale for $16.00, and you better believe I bought a set!

I'm thankful for Wordle. 

I have the best job! Yes, it can be exhausting and frustrating, but I get more hugs and I love yous than you can imagine. We laugh. We sing. We dance. We play. We work. We keep each other safe. We are a family, and my heart swells with love just thinking about them.

Portrait of me. Note my curly hair and the green striped
sweater that I was wearing that day.

Let's hear it for the Kansas City Chieeeeeeeeeeeefs!!! AFC Champions and going to the Super Bowl! 

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  1. Love that curly hair portrait! My morning starts with Wordle, too. Those pretzels look amazing!

    1. Sometimes I do the Wordle at 12:01 because I'm SO EXCITED to do it, then I have a forever wait until the next one is open!

  2. Teaching young children is so frustrating and rewarding and wonderful. May your team play with excellence and may no one get hurt in the game.