Sunday, January 14, 2024

I Did My Best

 Well, this will be fun! My laptop just said no and I’m left with writing my TToT on my phone or not at all. Here goes nothing:

1. We had a Snow Day on Tuesday. I had already made it to work before it was called, so I threw some salt on the sidewalks and went back home. 

2. It was cold and nasty all week, so we couldn’t go outside, but we managed to burn energy and stay entertained without the classroom imploding. 

3. Diet Dr Pepper has been on sale at Walmart for weeks. I know (inside source) it will be going up next month, but until then. . . .

4. Winter jammies are on sale just when they are most needed!

5. I am thankful for Rotel Cheese Dip (simply called “hot dip” in our family). It is family tradition to eat it during Chiefs games, and while I don’t do so EVERY game, I did this weekend and it was just what I needed. 

6. It’s not been the best season for my KC Chiefs, but they got the W at Saturday’s game, in spite of temps hovering around zero degrees with wind chill in the negative numbers. 

7. I’m almost finished with the David Sedaris book I’ve been reading through the Libby app. Feeling pretty accomplished. 

8. Can’t say enough good things about my heated mattress pad. Ahhhhh!

9. I’m thankful for streaming services. I watched movies all afternoon while working on a jigsaw puzzle. 

10. I’m thankful for a warm home. It’s 100 years old and there are certainly leaks around doors and windows and other curious places, but it’s still warm and cozy on a day when it didn’t get above zero degrees AND snowed. 

Made it! The type is so small on my phone that I can’t proofread, so fingers crossed!


  1. And I saw your link-up request with 19 minutes to spare! :-) Stay warm!

  2. Great job! Your heated mattress pad sounds fabulous.