Saturday, September 16, 2023

It Only Hurts When I Laugh (Or Yawn)

Got some thankfuls fer ya.

As mentioned in last weekend's TToT, I spent the weekend in Branson with my friend Nikki. We had taken Monday of this week off to give us a 3-day weekend, which was lovely, and then we both did a Thing. This is mine:

While I had done some research on the whole nose piercing thing, I was still not prepared for how it hurt like a sonofabitch. I was expecting pierced ear pain. BAHAHAHAHAHAAA no.

1. It only REALLY REALLY REALLY hurt for a couple minutes as he jabbed my nostril with an ice pick or whatever he used to do the piercing.

2. By the time we left the store (piercing parlor?), it didn't hurt anymore, but I was definitely AWARE of the piercing.

3. By Wednesday, it only felt a little sore if I yawned and my nostrils flared.

4. Now it only hurts if I forget it's there and boof myself in the nose (it happens, okay?).

5. And I love it! 

Every morning when I get to school, after I turn on all the lights in the building and turn on the office computer, I go to my classroom, turn on MY computer, and open the live feed of a bird feeder in Akron, Ohio, that my kids love to watch (there's a large monitor on the wall). 

Thursday morning, I clicked on the wrong feed by mistake and opened a ground feeder that we watched one day last week (got to see bunnies and chipmunks and mourning doves, and squirrels, always squirrels, whether the feeder is hanging high or on the ground). I was sitting at my desk for a moment, watching a big, fat squirrel eating peanuts from the ground feeder, when a good sized bird came out of nowhere and hit the squirrel. My first thought was that it was a mourning dove with a clumsy landing, and then I realized it was sitting ON the squirrel and then it turned its head and I saw that it was a hawk. Oh, nooooo! I clapped my hands over my mouth and watched in horror, frozen, while the hawk squawked his victory. 

6. I'm thankful that I snapped out of my horror in time to click away from the live feed before the actual carnage began (I know, I know, circle of life, but I still didn't want to see it).

7. I was SUPER thankful that it all went down BEFORE my kids were in the room to see it! 

We celebrated Grandparents Day all week at our school, with each class celebrating on a different day of the week. My day was Friday, and my kids were WOUND UP all morning, because (a) their grandparents were coming to school and (b) they knew they were going to get cookies and lemonade after their program.

8. We sang a song, recited a poem, played the rhythm sticks for two songs AND showed off our mad dance skills by giving the grandparents a taste of our Fun Day Friday Dance Party, and the kids did GREAT with everything, in spite of how squirrely (ouch - too soon!) they were all morning.

9. I invited anyone who wanted to join us in the dance party to do so, and I was pleased that several grandparents were standing up and grooving to "Saturday Night"/Bay City Rollers and "Shake Your Booty"/KC and the Sunshine Band right along with us! It is well-known to readers of this blog that I am NOT a fan of programs and parties and special events at preschool, because I feel soooo awkward and uncomfortable at them, but it wasn't horrible and I survived!

10. My friend and co-worker Robin helped me set up and tear down everything, and I couldn't have done it all without her!

A pretty good week, all in all!

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  1. "It only hurts when I laugh or yawn" makes it a hard no for me personally--but then again I've never even wanted my ears pierced, so you are obviously a much braver woman than I! What a cool mom/teacher you are!

    Whew on that live feed of the bird feeder! I can only imagine what conversations that would have prompted with your preschoolers.

    Congrats on surviving Grandparent's Day! Even though you dread those events, they always sound so fun.

    1. If it hadn't made a crunchy sound when it was pierced, it probably wouldn't have seemed so bad! Live feeder snafu would have been awful! Glad I didn't have to explain that! I got a lot of very nice compliments about the program, so that pleases me!

  2. Thanks for the warning about how much it hurts. As nice as it looks on you, I'm not that brave.

    Ms. G sees a hawk in her yard sometimes where she feeds the birds and squirrels. As she says, he's window shopping.

    The program sounds like it went very well, sometimes you just have to step out and do such things.

    1. I'm two weeks in now and it really hardly ever hurts at all (unless I forget it's there and try to rub my nose!).
      "Window shopping" is a great term for it!
      The program really did go well, and I think by the time we get to graduation in May, they will put on a super duper program!

  3. Awkward moments of realism notwithstanding, we are total fans of live Webcam sites (along with other, actual reality channels like letsdig18).
    Might say more about the state of entertainment on 'the TV' than about our view on the world, but hey what are ya gonna do?

    1. Wait, there's a webcam of DIGGING? My kids would LOVE that!