Sunday, September 24, 2023

Almost Forgot But What Else Is New?

Whoa! I almost forgot to post my Ten Things of Thankful for this week! The reason why will be my first thankful:

1 I have Monday off! No reason, other than I have maxed out on accruing vacation days and need to use some up.

2 We got much-needed rain several times this week. 

3  It was warm enough that I took my class outside with bare feet after the rain stopped, and we walked through puddles and over wet grass just to feel the different textures with our feet. I'm thankful that I take advantage of teachable moments like this as often as I can. Didn't get everything done on the lesson plan? Who cares? We did something much more valuable.

4 We made butter this week in class by shaking cream in a jar AND IT TURNED OUT. I have had trouble in past years getting past a runny whipped cream consistency, and after a little bit of research, I found out that I had been filling the jar too full! If you ever have the desire to make your own butter, remember not to fill the jar more than half full of cream to allow enough space for the butter to form!

5-9  This actually happened LAST week at work, but I forgot to put it on my list. We had a Code Brown during drop off time (use your imagination just a teensy bit and you will figure out what that means). It was dog, not human, but it smelled REALLY bad and was tracked throughout the building. My co-worker Robin (BIG thankful here) offered to clean the shoe that was involved in the Code Brown, and my co-worker Dane and I went about cleaning the floors. I spot cleaned and rolled up rugs; Dane mopped and hosed off the rugs outside. After mopping and mopping, Dane asked me to check the lobby, because he thought he could still smell the Code Brown. I walked out there and sniffed and COULD still smell it, but it was impossible to say whether it was lingering in the air or was still on the floor somewhere (did I mention that our floors are laminate wood flooring and are BROWN?). Dane stepped out into the lobby as well, letting the door close behind him, and as we decided to go in search of Lysol spray, we walked over to the (closed) lobby door to re-enter the building and stopped. Dane looked at me and asked, "Do you have your key?" "Noooo," I replied, "it's on the desk where you put it after you used it to open the custodian closet." "Can you call someone?" he asked, and I reached for my back pocket just as I remembered my phone was also lying on the desk, right by the keys. The safety feature of locked doors at our school is AWESOME unless you lock yourself out like an idiot! 

What to do when this happens? First you start laughing, then you take a selfie! Dane did have his phone, but he didn't have any phone numbers of the other staff members saved in it. We wondered how long we would be out there before someone came looking for us when we saw a car pull up with two little latecomers in it. We were saved! The mom would come in with her kids, sign her kids in with her key card, and we would casually walk in like we hadn't been LOCKED OUT OF THE BUILDING. But before they made it to the lobby, the inside door opened and a student worker headed to her college class opened the door. We scared her half to death as we shouted our victory! We were in! 

Now, lest you think children were left unattended, Dane and I were scheduled in the office and not in a classroom, and we probably weren't locked in the lobby for more than 2-3 minutes, although it SEEMED like an eternity when we weren't quite sure how we were going to get ourselves back inside without looking like big goobers. (btw this is not the first time I have gotten myself locked out of the building and was rescued by a student worker)

10 It's fall, y'all! Does it feel like it? No. Will it feel like it soon? Also no, not right away, but it should in a few weeks. In the meantime, pumpkin everything!

Hope your week didn't include any Code Browns! 

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  1. Hooray for butter makin' and barefootin' after the rain! Both teach invaluable lessons.

    My week always includes at least a little bit of code brown, as I clean toilets. In fact, this week I cleaned the bathrooms (and the rest of the waiting area) at the mechanic shop where we have our cars taken care of. You don't want to know what the men's room baseboard was like behind the toilet.

    I do pray you've had a lovely day off and may I suggest one of those retractable keychains attached to your belt or pocket to prevent key loss. It works, I speak from experience.

  2. #3 is great! Lesson plans are just that: plans. But lesson plans, like life plans, often change at the spur of the moment, and adaptation is key. Now if only the changes were as fun as jumping in puddles! :-)