Sunday, July 30, 2023

Thankfuls Before The Storm

We have a severe thunderstorm warning with wind possibly at 80 mph. So much for a leisurely (close to the deadline so not THAT leisurely) Ten Things of Thankful post! Here we go!

I'm thankful for....

1. My Red Cross app that has been sending me alerts of the approaching storm.

2. They aren't expecting tornadic weather, so there's that.

3. Weekend anchors and meteorologists when you live in a small market. They are very entertaining. The weather guy just told us the sun is going to rise tomorrow morning, and I wouldn't have known that without his fine reporting.

4. Marian Days are this week! If you don't know, it's a pilgrimage of Vietnamese Catholics to a small town a few miles away, and it's about the only thing in the positive column for the entire month of August as far as I'm concerned. The forecast calls for a high of 104 on Wednesday, and what better weather to sit in a stifling hot tent while eating a bowl of boiling hot pho?

5. The wind has picked up. Not thankful for that. But I'm inside, so that makes it a little better.

6. I always have to pee when there is severe weather or an earthquake. Sure happy for that indoor plumbing right now!

7. The lights are flickering, so my husband is looking for flashlights BEFORE the power goes out.

8. All the cats are currently in the bedroom, and if we have to run down to the basement, two of the three will follow us. The third one is a crap shoot.

9. The coming storm is almost making me forget about my ear ache.

10. By midnight, the storm should have blown past, and I'll get a good night's sleep (except for the ear ache).

There. Did it. Now off to the bathroom before the lights go out! Stay safe! 

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  1. Weather patterns are crazy now. Difficult to predict and plan. We have to be really thankful if the weather is kind.

  2. It is so hard to be sure about storms, but you have your plans in place! WHEW!

  3. I hope all is well, and i hope you got to the doctor about the earache.