Sunday, July 16, 2023

Lost Things And Found Things And Ending My Post With A Preposition

Closing in on the end of the weekend, and my Ten Things of Thankful post hasn't written itself yet. Time to shake a tail feather! Here goes: 

I checked out three library books a few weeks ago. Of COURSE, I didn't get them returned in time, but our library will automatically renew them for another three weeks unless another patron has the book on hold. That's a thankful right there.

I got a notice that the second renewal period was up, but when I tried to round up the three books, only two were to be found. I searched our house - nothing. My husband was at the lake house, so I had him look there AND in the cars - nothing. I finally decided I was going to have to take the L on this book, and in this case, the L was also for "loser" because I had NEVER lost a library book before. Mad at myself, I went to work cleaning my bedroom, and as I was vacuuming under the bed, the vacuum hit against something that turned out to be MY LIBRARY BOOK, located fairly deeply under the bed. I feel pretty certain a cat had something to do with its location (cough cough Nora Pearl cough cough), but it was found and that's that.

My anxiety-riddled cat Finn has been scared of the kitty toy basket that is kept in my room, so while I was cleaning, I decided to go through the basket and see if I could figure out what was scaring him. I didn't find anything except way too many toys, some of which had never been played with (typical, huh?), so I packaged those up to donate right before Nora Pearl caught me with all the toys out. I don't think she will miss a few, do you?

Pile on the left: cat toys
Pile on the right: stolen items belonging to 
my kids

So much for organizing the toys

My kids' elementary school is being demolished. It's very sad, as the building was almost 100 years old, but it was built over mined land and had been sinking and settling for many years (a new school was just built [on solid ground] to replace it this past winter). It's sad to see it go, but the demolition workers have been really nice and set piles of bricks outside the fence for anyone who wants a souvenir of the old building. I got a (lead dust and asbestos covered) brick for each of my kids.

RIP Columbia Elementary School

Pile of bricks left by the workers

Dusty bricks in the back of my car

My dad is doing okay. He's walked a little bit at PT and has increased range of motion in both his shoulders, so the antibiotics seem to be doing their job. Still has a long way to go, but he's working at it.

Victoria's Secret underwear sale this week. 10 for $35? Yes, please!

I'm halfway through "Vanderpump Rules." Five more seasons to go....

Oh, and I'm also watching the series "Quarterback" on Netflix with my husband. Patrick Mahomes is featured, so naturally it's a great watch.

My husband and I are at the lake house this weekend, although I feel guilty for not being there to visit my dad this weekend. We've had really hot weather and unstable air which has led to thunderstorms, some of them severe. We outran a storm Friday evening and made it to our street in Branson just as the power went out. As we got out of the car, the front hit and nearly knocked us off our feet, then the tornado sirens went off. No tornadoes (yay!) but a lot of lightning and wind and no power for a couple of hours. We didn't lose any trees or even anything more than one medium-sized tree limb, so another yay!

I don't know who took this photo besides not me,
but we saw this exact same cloud formation as
we were driving 

We finally got a chance to go to White Water (a local water park) this afternoon for the first time all summer. It was so relaxing to bob around in the wave pool, then I stretched out on a lounge chair like a turtle on a rock. Ahhh!


Here's to next week and SO MANY MORE thankfuls than I can even keep track of.

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  1. It's sad when an old building has to go, but some of them are dangerous.

    I'm glad you are having a relaxing time and hope there are no more bad storms.

  2. It is amaazing how the sentiment of old bricks from an important building become the building blocks of sentiment. Love that thought. Good on you for taking some lake house time. Be goog to yourself. I have Quarterback on my watchlist. Tour de France will soon be over and then we will likely start watching. There is also a Tour de France documentary on Netflix.

  3. Damn!
    When the page opened, swiped down and it stopped on the elementary school photo, I totally flashed back to when we first 'inter-met'
    Might have been here at the TToT
    But your town had just hit by some monster tornado.
    This time I thought, "Jeez, again ?"
    Good that I was wrong.
    (I know, like how often does that happen)