Sunday, February 19, 2023

Still Thankful For Birds And More

As slowly as January passed, February is zipping by, as in 2/3 of the way over. Already! That will bring me to my first Ten Things of Thankful for this weekend:

1. Spring is officially one month away!

2. My husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day. He even delivered them himself, in the pouring rain, along with leaving me a valentine to find that morning when I woke up. He's a keeper!

3.  My little nugs continue to be enamored with the live birdfeeder cam, and I love it! When they see starlings land in the feeder and scare off the other birds, they say, "Starlings are bossy!"

My sister in law's dogs also enjoy
the live birdfeeder cam!

4. Everyone around here is still hyped about the Chiefs win. Their victory parade was held in Kansas City on Wednesday, and I'm thankful the law school canceled classes so anyone who wanted to attend could do so, especially since my daughter was planning to skip class regardless!

5. My teaching assistant Baylee brought me homemade chicken and dumplings, courtesy of her Nana. I love Nana! (She also makes amazing chocolate cakes!)

6. We got new laptops at work this week. I'm trying to be positive here and find the thankful, because so far, there have been more problems with them than benefits, but I am putting on my big girl pants and telling myself it's going to change my life in magical (not demonic, which is where we are now) ways.

7. I'm thankful my boss is most excellent at finding grants that help us get such things as new toys, equipment, and (possibly demonic) laptops.

8. I attended the honor society induction of one of my college student workers as her surrogate mom, since her family lives too far away to come. I was deeply honored to be asked and so proud of her hard work!

9. We journeyed to Tulsa this weekend, so I could attend my niece's wedding shower. The shower was fun and was held in an amazing home overlooking the city. I'm looking forward to the wedding in April!

My mother in law, sister in law, niece,
and me. 

10. As fun as it is to get away for a weekend, it sure is nice to be home again. I love my bed.

If you weren't able to join the Ten Things of Thankful THIS weekend, there is always room for you next weekend and the one after and the one after and....

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  1. Your husband and family and friends and nugs are all keepers, it sounds like to me.

  2. Loved your many thankfuls Dyanne and the dog watching the birds is just fab. I had my book published . That was the equivalent of ten in one for me...