Sunday, July 24, 2022

Getting Used To It

Guess what? Still hot, but I think I'm becoming more acclimated to it, as long as I'm not standing on asphalt, like the fresh, new, really black kind. I guess and I can be thankful for that, as well as the following:

It was too darn hot to take my littles outside, even if they had water to play in, especially because some of them don't play in the water and instead run hell-bent for leather around the playground and risk getting overheated. We found plenty to do inside, however, including drawing with chalk and doing a LOT of exercise and movement songs to wear them out for nap!

You may remember that in the winter, I do love my snow days. We don't often get very many here (although we scored fairly well this past winter), but it's something to look forward to when winter comes. Well, we had a different version of a snow day this week, in that a water line broke to the building and school had to be canceled for Thursday. 

They weren't able to fix it on Thursday, so no school on Friday, either.

Thanks to our four day work week schedule, I was off on Monday, so I had a TWO day work week this week!

Thursday, the teachers did have a meeting at the school to go over a few things. I'm thankful I didn't have to go to the bathroom, because our only option was a sketchy gas station across the street.

Friday, six of us took a day trip to my favorite educational supply store that unfortunately is closing (I started shopping there in the early 1980s when I was still in college). We had a fun day of shopping and eating, and I got to demonstrate my mad Tetris skills by fitting a box containing an entire child's WAGON into the tiny space behind the rear seat of my van along with all the bags of loot we bought.

I got a surprise chance to go to a training on Conscious Discipline! It's in Kansas City and we are leaving in a short few minutes to drive up there. When my boss asked me if I wanted to go, I immediately jumped on it, but to be honest, if it were a training on paper clips that called for an out of town trip, I would jump on that, too.

My boss (who, bonus, is also my good friend), my grade level partner, and I will be loaded up with snacks, a rental car that I get to drive, and will not be back until Tuesday night. Woohoo! Oh, and we will learn so, so much while we are at the training!

Okay, I've got to run, so I'm invoking Secret Rule 1.3 from the Book of Secret Rules (or Secret Book of Rules) that says Imma not doing 10! 

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