Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Little Bit Louder And A Little Bit Worse

Same song, second (or third or fourth or fifth) verse. It's HOT. Hotter than it's supposed to be around here. Welcome to global warming! Al Gore tried to tell everyone about it, and no one listened. We've had triple digit temps for several weeks now, plus high humidity. We can't have outdoor play time in the afternoons because of the heat index, and it is HARD to find ways to keep those littles busy and active within the confines of the building!

Onward and upward with this week's Ten Things of Thankful:

Our upstairs air conditioner conked out again and was revived on Thursday. Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end for the unit. We will keep babying it along as long as we possibly can!

Popsicles are wonderful for cooling off and for making little nugs a happy, sticky mess!

I am thankful for little things that make me smile, like what I found on the fire alarm across from my room this week:

We got a brief respite from the heat on Tuesday when it sprinkled lightly for about twenty minutes. I wasted no time getting my class outside to run around in it! They had a ball playing in the rain, and I didn't even mind that it made my hair frizz.

I'm reaching my water goal every day!

The discovery of the recirculate air button in my car has continued to dazzle me. Boy, do I feel silly that I didn't know about it sooner!

My friend and preschool mom Lauren gifted me with a shirt and a bag, plus a shirt for my daughter. Make good trouble!

I signed up to write postcards to encourage voting in the November elections. I did it two years ago, and it's not easy to write 200 postcards (and bless those folks who do more!), but it's rewarding.

My daughter finished her law school finals for her summer classes and got to come to the lake house for the weekend and relax. Next up will be helping her move into a new apartment before school starts again.

My husband and I enjoyed a couple of hours at White Water theme park Saturday evening. Taking a dip in a pool is a great way to cool off before going home and going to bed. If I could afford it, I would have a swimming pool of my own, but instead, I content myself with occasional visits to White Water and with taking a long bubble bath in my big bathtub.

Keep cool! Eat popsicles! Drink your water! Write your Ten Things of Thankful and meet me here next weekend!

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